Thursday, July 28, 2011

sun bags

So last time we met

I was on the search for an answer to the
mystery package
 how it got here

who sent it
why were there two names
does the queen really think Kate's dress is horrid?!!

I have it on good authority
that it was sent
it was a conspiracy
an attempt to pull the wool
to surprise
to confound
to pull one over
it was sent as an award
for the nothingness of this blog
from one without a blog
but who should have a blog
one who likes the nothingness
and decided to reward me for it
who am I to deny her
if she had asked for my address
 I would have
figured out
been aware
that she was sending me something
so she asked the one who has all
the one who holds all the addresses on the planet
our Queen of the Blankets
of SIBOL fame

you get the drift
thank you both

somehow the package was sent from
the South to the North and then
from there
it flew West
I have no idea if it went East anywhere
but it is a very well travelled package
one could say

We ate the penguin cookies after dinner
with a cuppa
and enjoyed them very much
I liked them better than the
Tim Tams
not as sweet
I will have to see if I can find them here

please sir
may I have another

the husband read the cover from front to back
they have little jokes on them!!
and then when he had licked the last of the chocolate off
he pronounced them tasty
:)    :(

 so now to the
sun bags

 the Mister had to go and get a piece to fix the fan in our room
it quit
stopped working
give up
stopped spinning
can't rotate anymore

and as I am one who likes to feel the breezes at night
he went to get what is needed to make that possible again
he came back with the part and a sunflower plant
for moi
lots of flowers and plants this month
for moi
lucky moi

it has a few buds to come so hopefully it will survive the heat
and I'll keep it
and we'll have something
purrdy to look at
coz all the other plants are
the  heat and the lack of rain have taken their toll
it's bad out there
sad and bad
and once again I'm so glad I didn't give into the wants
and buy all those plants I wanted in the Spring
it would have been
so there's the sun

here's the bag

I knitted some domino squares

and made a little bag
that I then took close ups of and teased you


then I made this one
I saw something like it on a blog somewhere out there
and just made it up as I went along
it's quite little
only ten blocks but it's so cute!!!

and they are both waiting to have their linings sewn in
I'll show them closer up when they're done

and I have always wanted a blue and white
so I made one of those too
I have a few Scandinavian blogs I visit and always always
swoon over all the blue and white
next house I have
it's all blue and white I tell ya
all blue and white
 with a touch of

the back and front waiting to be sewn together
and then it will sit on the bed in the
and I will have a blue and white pillow
or two or twelve

so now I had better go and give the
sun flower a drink of water
and just enjoy it's big yellow happy face
but just for minute
it's hot out there
and there are
big disgusting jumping ticks out there
they're falling from the trees and landing on me and the hubby
have to check each time we go out
I already had one the other week on the back of my leg
ick yuck and get me outta here
I had tick typhus as a child and always remember the day they found out
we were on the way to a party and I kept fussing with the dress I had on
the neck
and my mother thought I was just being a pain
and when she checked to see if something was wrong she found the tick
I think tick typhus might be something like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
I had a little white spot on my neck for years
another reason for me not to go out

I have sun bags to finish
and then the pillow and then I get to look for something else

and what did you think of those pot holders
from the
way back machine
I posted a link to yesterday
:) :) :)
what a hoot some of them are
so kitch and vintage
just like your granny had!!!!

groovy man


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

for those of you who care!!!

don't have enough potholder patterns
don't have enough wips
don't have a clue as to what to do


Monday, July 25, 2011

mail call... a mystery...and just call me Agatha

while trying to do the part that is supposed to be easy
the putting it together bit
and its taking more time than it may be worth
the mail came

inside the mail box I found

in red and green

it flew here!!

to me
that is indeed moi
it took one second flat to rip open the package and take a look

and inside I found  good old English tea and
dancing penguins!!!
 a lovely tea towel
 which will not be used as such
so hands off anyone who thinks otherwise....
I love tea towels
I really do
especially nice ones!!!
blue and white ones
 ones that come in the mail unannounced and unexpectedly
and bring with them dancing 'quins and
and surprises

the White Cliffs of Dover
the symbol for
the song that got them through the
bad times
sung by

a place I saw once and never forgot
when the sister and I went camping in a van that belonged to the lady who owned the house we rented
weird memories.....weird lady .... and her housekeeper.....

now the name on the package was one name I know

but inside was another name I know

hmmmm what is going on here

and a photo of my second favourite little girl bunnie
that's Sophie
Mia's little creation
(JOE"S auntie)
what was she doing in a package from the sender
I scratched my head
hm mmmmm

more proof of bunnie antics
a carrot from
little bunnie fu fu
with love
the heart shape says
it all

fu fu was very surprised
very very
lots and lots
 to have such a treasure from her bun
and she noticed a resemblance to Sophie
could they be long lost cousins
twice or thrice removed
as well

I will have to delve into this mystery of who sent what to whom
 and how it got here
unannounced and unexpectedly
and if indeed it is meant for me at all

maybe the dancing penguins can tell me when they take a break from all that dancing
and explain how it came
from one person

and another

now where's my Sherlock hat???

♥  ♥   ♥

those so called experts

( no need to leave any comments

just wrote this coz I felt like it)

who showed up in great numbers on Friday
were all wrong
when I heard of the explosion in Oslo
my first question to the Mister was how do they know it isn't a gas leak
I don't listen to what they say and believe anymore
they are usually so wrong it's embarrassing
I tried to remember what has happened recently and couldn't think of anything that had to do with
I know they are in Afghanistan and they have planes in the Nato action in Libya
but so do many others
one doesn't think of scary dark dangerous things and Norway
then the terrorist angle started playing
a cell that must have been formed in Norway
but which one
there are so many to choose from according to the experts
Al- they pronounce it
wasn't so organised anymore but they do have splinter groups everywhere

female anchors on CNN drooling over the expert
telling him
whenever there is an attack I always come to you for the facts
you know so much

watched CNN MSNBC
Aljazeerah RT France24 CBS
BBC on line
all of them said it was Muslims
actually they said Islamists
all of them
then a report came in that a man had been seen
and shock of shocks
he was tall white and blond
white and blond
that stopped them for a
well, if he's white he must be one of those who have left their native places to go to a desert somewhere hot and dangerous to be trained in camps in all manner of nasty things and then come back home to spread terror amongst his own
that's it
he's one of those
he's homegrown but trained overseas
and then they remind us of all those names we've heard so many times
and when it was said that the man was
well goodness us isn't that a kick in the pants
not a desert trained rat at all
well then
he must belong to this side
or that side
or the other
and you always know
the other are the worst ones

this was an act of sheer evil
perpetrated by a man who is wicked
in my opinion
a racist to the inth degree
one of many world wide
nothing new these days just a plain ordinary
with a twist
as I read what they are printing of his 1,500 page ramble
 he has planned this for years
I have tried to read it but my blood runs cold and I get sick

he killed children in cold blood
he knew that wearing a uniform would give them a sense of security
he knew that
he knew what he was doing
he isn't insane
incapable of making a descision
he thought out each and every step and then acted on them
one by one by one
he knew what he was doing
and he did it

and he is white
he has blue eyes
he is blond
he is one of us
if we are white
he is white
if we aren't
he didn't go anywhere to learn to do this
he did it on his own ground
he did it to his own blood
he did it to the children
he is a killer
a murderer
he is a terrorist
he is as evil as a human being can get
and he is white
and he has blue eyes
and he has blonde hair
and he is a

so now do we say
"well not all Christians are terrorists
but all terrorists seem to be Christians"

it is an awful shock when the bad guy turns out to be one of your own
when he looks just like you
when he grew up breathing the same air you did
he knows the same things you do
and he does this
 to you
to people you know
to the children

the more global we become
the more
tribal we become
humans have always lived in tribes
that's how we started out
and it's how we're ending up
as we mix and move around this globe
the more some think we should all just stay home
wonder if we did that
how long it would take
end up
 with a tribe of

(no need to leave any comments)


Saturday, July 23, 2011

it's hot

it is 99 degrees F outside
it feels like
133 degrees F
they say it will go to 103 F
what will it feel like then
all I did was walk to the mail box
I will not be going back there for a while
I do not like the heat
 don't know how the people who have to be out there do it
it's too darn hot

when I was quite a small girl
we went on a trip somewhere
and we stopped off in
Wadi Halfa
which is in the Sudan


(from Bing)
my sister says this might be the hotel we stayed in!!!

I think we were on our way to catch a boat for a trip somewhere else
I remember like it was yesterday
(the heat, not the trip
we were quite the travellers then and I don't remember them all!!!)
driving through the sand
 seeing the ships in the canal
looking like they were floating in the desert

and it being hot
so hot I remember it!!!
the hotel we spent the night in had a fan
in the foyer that turned very very slowly
and I remember wondering why it turned so slowly
what good did it do
my mother insisted we take a bath
a cold bath to wash the dust and the trip off us before we went to bed
the cold water
was hot
very hot
and the sheets
were too
needless to say
no one got much sleep that night
and me being me
I probably cried the whole time
my sister also remembers going to Mombasa
which is on the coast of East Africa
and we went there on vacations
and it also being hot
and she would tease me at night by telling me that the lizards
that crawl all over the walls
and ceilings

were known to have heart attacks
and fall
onto little girls who were asleep
with their mouths open
she always scared the holy crap out of me just before sleep
aren't big sisters just the best


the birds are panting and the squirrels are lying spread eagle on the grass in the shade
husband just came in from changing the water dishes
and told me this
it's too darn hot

I''ll go now
it's time for a cup of tea

mad men can live anywhere
in any country
they do the most horrendous things
and no one is immune from the madness
sad but true
and it isn't always who we think it is
it isn't always the scary dark man in the shadows
sometimes it's one of our own
and that is what shocks us most
my heart breaks for the families of the lost
and I hope the survivours find peace

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I keep reading about all the rain and cool weather on the other side of the
big pond
I hear griping and complaining
I read poetic visions of what one can do in the rain
I see fireplaces have been lit
mind boggling
mind blowing
not computing
how can it be so different
while those here broil in the sun
die in the heat
watch as their lives are burnt up
there is sweet sweet rain and coolness
and people are complaining!!!
tut tut
be thankful
even though I know you would like a little sun

there were no circus events today
I saw the PM early this morning
and thought it very school playground like
why do men act like school boys all their lives
yeah Rupert came in the back door
but what about when Tony and Gordon where there
nanny nanny poo poo
then I read that the two had left the UK
that means they are coming back here

why do innocent people step down while the guilty ones get to stay put
hearing that cop #1 left because he didn't want the security for the
Olympic Games to be put into question
made me remember I had some
home work to do
the blanket Queen had requested squares for a blanket
so I made a few and will send them off soon






and blue!!

and look what fell off the hook without my even thinking about it
an African Flower
remember when everyone and their sister were making
African Flowers
I wonder how many millions there are on the planet now
and each and every day there are more made
just go to Flickr and see them all
not ridiculousness

maybe I'll take a steak out to the car for dinner!!!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

collective abkneesia...

that is what the members of
Noozz Corps
the inability to remember
anything of any significance

as the members of the panel said

in my humble opinion

how can these people sit there
and swear to tell the truth
and then lie in the next breath
feign shock and disgust at what has gone on
when they are the ones who
sent out
let loose
the army of scum
they paid for it they got it and now we are supposed to believe they are
humbled and sorry
 they don't remember nuttin'
that they didn't do it
someone else did

 yes, I sat and watched the circus
as it made its way across town
clowns to the left of me
clowns to the right
not knowing all the intricacies of the case
because it has only just hit here and I've tried to read up on it but it's too much to stomach

while I watched and talked back to the
idiot box
(I know who's the idiot!!??)
I worked some more on my little piles of things
I'm trying
very very
hard to finish and not start another thing
every time I go to Flickr or Ravelry
I see something else
or someone on a blog somewhere has done something wonderful
it's so hard to be good

and hopefully soon I'll show you what I did
 it isn't  anything marvellous or awesome
believe me!!!
I just like taking real tight shots of it

what did you do today??

the heat is building and it's going to be horrible
for the rest of the week and into next weekend
I spoke to my friend in the mid west and she said it's been surreal
and they have had the flooding to cope with too
the Missouri River is still very high and there are snakes coming down in the wash
snakes that don't belong and no one knows what's going to happen
where the river was once a few feet deep
it 's now up to 60ft deep
and we saw on the news, last night, the drought in Texas
they don't have rivers or lakes anymore
just cracked earth and there was another
ha boob in Arizona
peoples swimming pools turned to mud pools

boy what a downer I am today
it's Rupert's fault


I just hope the power hangs on
coz not having a/c will kill us all
how did they survive in the
old days



Monday, July 18, 2011

flying in from everywhere....

 I have had many many visitors over this weekend who have come to get the
what I call
Susanne's pillow
as lousy as the pattern  apparently is
it's very popular right now
funny how things go round in circles
its almost exactly a year since Sue put it up on Flickr
 and we all fell in love with it

Tammy tried it
but she seems to have frogged it

I'm having trouble leaving comments so I will talk here!!!

Tammy do you want me to do a step by step for you
I will  absolutely be happy to if you want me to
and then I will have another pillow of my own
I can hook and snap as I go
let me know and I'll do it quick
so you can do it while you are in pajama mode!!!!


speaking of snapping and hooking
I nearly had a heart attack this pm
I thought there was something wrong with
my camera
(deep breath...lotus position...breath out....slowly...don't panic)

the "screen" kept flickering and showing me what mode it was set to
 and then it wouldn't focus

so I took all these

just to test it

it's late afternoon so the light in the
is lousy
seems to be
I hope
please blue
don't leave me
I'd miss you too much
and who would show what I see

all the nothing wouldn't have an eye

I'm working on my little piles of things
slowly slowly things are appearing
still have a ways to go
as they say
who ever
they are
been reading the "papers" too
watching as the lot at the top fall one by one
top cops
top executives
wonder if it will hit over here
it should coz we all know it's going on
the faux nooz hasn't said word one about the big stink
they must be wetting their pants hoping no one comes to check
and the others aren't any better for heavens sake
it's gone on for ever and will continue to go on forever
it isn't right or just or fair
it just is
it's how the world works unfortuneatly
the focus is never where it should be
they saturate the air with nonsense and smut
and wonder why the population is dumb
in more ways than one

I'm going back to things of the hooky kind

it's almost time to decide what to feed the mouths
and one of the mouths is talking at me
she says it's time to get off the machine that knows all
and feed the machine that is never satisfied
ok ok I'm coming

see ya all tomorrow


OH and someone had to win the
womens soccer match
who better than the Japanese women
they deserved it
and they needed it
I was so happy!!!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

little bird

I have been trying to get a shot of the cat birds
but they won't stay put or let me near
it was a baby cat bird that the husband encountered the other day
first let me say there was nothing wrong with the baby
nothing awful happened
he was just literally in the way
and the husband had to move him
we think it was a first trip out of the nest
as the babies can't fly
and the parents were right there near by
and still are
proudly showing the mouths full of worms and bugs and all things squirmy and disgusting
 they have collected for the
husband said the mama showed him how clever she is all day yesterday
making sure he saw her and yelling if he didn't
quite the little saga we have going on out there
nature is such a hoot

this is the bush they hide in and scream at me

this is a  bee balm flower about to open up

and this is the tiny flowers on the cat bird bush
 to shoot
it 's that time of the year
nothingness season

this is from the other day
can you see the two little turtles on the piece of wood there in the middle
Tommy and Tallulah
I call them
they sun themselves there everyday
just chillin' and gossiping about  life on the lake

I didn't  see them  until I loaded the photos

Tommy and Tallulah
sitting on the lake
but  not  for  too  long
or they'll surely bake