Monday, September 29, 2014

992...I won I won I won I won I won....

well that didn't last so long...
a couple of posts and then she disappears again...
well things got a bit screwy and I just let it
I've had sinus problems for a while and it all got too much
 and I just gave in to it
and let the headache bloom
 I didn't put on a fez and silly glasses or smoke a pipe
but I may as well have
the way I felt
it passed and good riddance I say...

I edited that photo over on Flickr and somehow got it over here too
so I used it....
Mr pear is no more
I ate him....and he was deeelish.

I hear you ask
what did you win 
one of my favourite photographers, people and all around lovely lady
had a giveaway on her blog
and I entered it
I don't enter very many giveaways
but I did this one
and I was one of the winners
Kim has some of her photos made into cards and large prints 
and I think she sells them in a local store
go visit her and you'll see
and you;ll be able to see the other wonderful shots she takes of all her critters

I will have to hunt for frames
coz I'm not sharin'
not a one I tell ya
no siree
not one!!!

but this I will share
it's that time again folks
the watch for colour begins once again
the little tree that  features in so many photos on this blog
is at it again
slowly but  surely
it's turning...
will keep a record of the progress...
aren't you just beyond thrilled!!!!!
see ya's

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest places
and inspiration 
or the lack thereof
is another reason I stayed away
this blog turned into something I didn't really plan on
it was nothing but crochet
I do not do that 24/7 
and it was beginning to bug me
I do,
 and love,
 to do it
but I just don't want to think about it or see it
even though every time I sit down I pick up a hook!!!!!
I don't smoke anymore
haven't for years and years
 there is still that little
 'niggley something'
that  makes the need for busy hands to stay with one
even though I don't work or have kids around anymore
I do seem to keep a semblance of businessness
and even on the quiet days
there is always something that needs to be done
but covering the house in hooky things  is not one of them
I have very little of what I have made out on display
and I have given some of it away
the pot holders and cloths are mostly what is used
there's nothing like a good hooked wash cloth to scrub away a day's toil!!!
and the pot holders just brighten up the drudgery of the kitchen!!
and as it's getting chillier now
 are also used and appreciated
but they live in closets and drawers
so not seen
I do see other houses where its all put on display
blankets tucked warmly and cozily around couches
pillows and cushions piled on for more squishy warmth
lampshades and chairs
covered in covers made of granny squares and such
doilies galore
(sounds like a stripper!!!!)
potholders decorating the walls
blankets on beds and chests and banisters
hands and wrists
coffee cups 
and cell phones
 and tablets 
and apples 
and such
all wrapped up warm and safe
 against this strange and terrible cold 
that necessitates this covering 
of inanimate objects
and my very very least favourite of all
yarn bombing 
everything in sight
I am not one of those who seem to have come forward lately to say that bombing is a waste of yarn
I just don't like it and I don't think it adds anything to the view
but that's 

I have one thought 
not for me
and one question
how do the husbands feel about living in a wool cocoon
all bright 
and girly


 so from here
 I hope to change it up a little bit
oh there will still be hooky stuff no doubt
and the odd knitted something every now and again
but hopefully not every time
all the time
there is so much more

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


a swishable screen upon which to leave sticky fingerprints

new rig with old keyboard, t'was July then

 the reason for not being here
is that for a few weeks I had no keyboard
upon which to write
husband took it upon himself to buy wife a new rig
as they say in the rig world
it was a complete surprise as I was under the impression that my old rig was just fine thank you very much
and I was quite happy to plod along in the old version of myself
 is a gadget man
so to speak
if he were a bird
 he would be a
if that is indeed the one that is so attracted to bright shiny things 
 after rigging up the rig
I started on the journey into the world of
whatever the hell it is now
a large bright screen in front of me
wi-fi floating around me
tiny little  "tower" behind
all so new and bright
Bluetooth to boot
connecting keys to screen
swishing the monitor this way and that
marking up the screen with my sticky little fingers
observing the wide wonderful world of the internets in full screen wonder
visiting friends and acquaintances in full colour
and rocking out to a new list of tunes
as I did my things
and then
goodbye   words
and good bye ROTL
the blue tooth crapped out and because of other things more important than my wicked way with words
I was struck dumb!!!!!
( now to be completely truthful and to cut the crap a bit
there is an on screen keyboard but its a pain in the sit upon to use and very very frustrating to keep having to backtrack and fix the gobble de gook you just typed....but it sounds much more dramatic the other way :))
this year has been one of those years
that if it could
 or fall apart
 or stop dead
 in its tracks
it did
do you have years like that
we do
it started with the fan in my room
one minute whirring around moving the air
the next
nada, nothing, nil, zilch amount of movement
and more importantly than air being moved
the washing machine
 husband "fixed"something
after 21 years of great service it just
wet laundry
and no way to spin it dry
so being the old fashioned girl that I am
I wrung it all out in the bathroom sink
shirts skirts socks and trousers
(if it ever happens to you
  just go out and buy new clothes!!!!!!!)
coz one night in the bath tub
tends to leave a musty smell wafting hither and yon
and of course
it isn't noticed until one is out in public
and a sudden whiff of mildew hits the nostrils
I did put it all in the dryer
that was still working fine
but the odor was already attached by the next morning
so husband chose a new machine
and we had to wait for it to come
and wait and wait and wait
in the meantime I did our washing in the sink
I have done it before and thank heavens I can do it again
husband took the opportunity to redo the laundry space
with new plug'oles
 and fixed holes in the floor and walls
 where the various and sundry bits came and went
new shelves installed above
a swipe of paint for all the chips and marks were from tugging and heaving the old machine out
new wires run
coz the power needed is less
 so we went
wire fishing in the walls
him in the attic and me in front of the place the switch/socket used to be
yelling about whether I can see it or not (the wire coming down behind the wall!)
that led to husband deciding he had to change all the switches and plug 'oles everywhere
"because they need doing"
that's why!!!!!
we now have pretty new light switches
with little lights and slidey things to control just how much illumination one needs to see what one is doing.... or not doing
a day with grandson and son #1
who came to help install the new behemoth
because a behemoth it be
" LG "
life is good
it is indeed once again
and off into the new world of hi tech laundry I went
it washes and dries all in the same machine
(like the ones in Europe have done for centuries
well maybe not centuries
but decades)
for sure
it has a cycle for just about everything you can imagine
 and I have yet to use them all
I'm dying to find out what the difference is between
"blankets and bulky items "
it takes a long time to do it
but it does it well
isn't that all that counts
and it plays a little tune for you
 when it wants you to come and take the laundry out...
it seems the summer was spent making things new and improved
husband has the scars to prove it
but he proves it
in well illuminated rooms
and clean
fresh smelling
and moi
I have a new keyboard upon which to write
once again
(once I have figured out how to find all the photos I've loaded
I'll post a few more!!!)
 and a PS
thank you for the kind comments left yesterday...

Monday, September 22, 2014

Post 989...

a few questions for a Monday morning
when you find something you really like
and it works as advertised
do they take it off the shelves
and stop making it altogether
 and there isn't anything to take its place
why does 'new and improved' mean
it's not so good any more
and why don't they just leave the old alone
is there so much negativity in this world these days
so much bad news
so little focus on what's important
 and so much on what isn't
can't children be children anymore
why do they have to be little teenagers
 or tiny adults
(where) have all our geese gone
and is Honker really gone forever
haven't seen him for months
so I guess I just answered that
such a wonderful creature he was
so full of purpose
and neediness
so dedicated to those who weren't even his kind
other than they had feathers and big feet just like him
the next generations of Canada Geese won't ever know how loving and protective he was
 of the ones who came before 
and also the swans
but not forgotten
the sight of them in the evening
 feeding right outside the back window was wonderful
I have made myself believe that they moved on
further South to the Lake where there is a wonderful lady who watches out for them all
 aren't there any well written TV shows 
they seem to lose the plot after a couple of episodes
and just wander off aimlessly into
stupid land
doesn't matter which network anymore
did any of you see
' Breathless '
on PBS
 and all the other drivel
too much to bother with now
so I'm glad I've found
"International Mysteries"
which are foreign cop shows and creepy stories
only problem is...
I have to read the subtitles
 so it plays havoc with the mindless needlework thing
and speaking of needlework things, mindless and otherwise
why does it take so long to make something  you fell in love with and just had to start making right a way but now it just doesn't seem to grow fast enough because the stupid stitches are too small to make it  grow fast enough
but you have to finish what you start
coz that's the new rule you made for yourself
and you have to follow the rules
and we're back!!!!!
a bit  awkward and non descript
if I do say so myself!!!
but it's been a while
it'll take a couple of posts
to get back in the swing of   )
blogging about nothing 
'til the next time