fan edging...

lay a crochet hook on top of a knitting needle and make a

really really long tail!!!

make ten stitches on the needles 
make sure the yarn goes over both of them and doesn't get trapped between!!!

using the 
(the one that comes off the ball)
yo and pull the loop through the stitches
it will be awkward but it works

(I used 4mm needle and hook... but use what you think is right to make it how big you want it!!
and for this I used Lily cotton...the kind we make wash cloths with!!!)

take the work off the needle and put the pulled loop back on the needle
and the first loop too


put the hook back on the needle and make 10 more cast on stitches
make sure there isn't a big gaping gap between the first set and the new one!!!
I know!!!

continue to do this until you have as many 
shells/fans/scallops as you need/want

now you need to connect them by knitting on more cast on stitches
knit the first stitch
and cast on two more stitches before working the next stitch
(I used the twisted loop method...don't know what it's actually called
 you wrap the yarn around your finger and put it on the needle )
so we have the stitches on the needle with two new cast ons
do this till all the sets have been done

then decide if you are going to continue just knitting on
if you have made a piece of lacy edging that can be added to something else
I cast off the first piece
made a second piece ... changed colour
and kept knitting
will show what when it's finished
I am useless at writing how-to's, so if you have a problem with this, ask and we'll figure it out...

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