Monday, May 30, 2011

hot hot hot

outside right now
it feels like
105 degrees F

40.5 C
sounds so much closer to reality in

I am not going out there
I refuse
so I'm in
and I'm staying in
and anyone who stays out there
is nuts
we ran out this morning to get
the resident handyman
Papa's day present
early yes
but on sale better!!!
so he's occupied for a while
putting it all together and
dreaming of the things he will do
or could have done had he had it sooner
it's a saw and a table that will hold anything he needs it to hold
and work on
I asked if I could use it to
hold my embroidery
and he said
this is what I have been doing
among other things

I will be coming to the end

of my

"watermelon period"

very soon

I just have to make another set for someone

and then we will move on
to something else

the room is too clean and tidy
need another shot of inspiration
and that "shot" I had the other day
didn't come to anything
so off I go back to the cool of the couch
and try to finish what I started
hope you are all well and cool

I think the not being able to comment problem is over
if you don't
hit the
keep me signed in button
it all seems to work

but you have to keep
signing in


Saturday, May 28, 2011


if you've had trouble leaving comments on
blogger blogs

I have
try this

when it asks you to sign in
"unclick" the
keep me signed in button
and it should work
I have been getting comments
thanks everybody

:) :) :)

but have been unable to leave any

so don't think I haven't been to your blog
I have
I have just been rendered
or left one on Flickr


don't all cheer at once!!!

if it doesn't work
well you're on your own
I did it just to see what would happen

the inspiration...

that causes the chaos...

while blog hopping I saw this cushion on a site
the ripple one
from a shop somewhere
loved the colours
so I got out the closest ones I have
e voila
instant chaos

with the idea to make another one for outside
if it ever stops raining and storming


can you believe there was another tornado watch last evening
they tracked it right over us...
the cell not a tornado
...and close to where the oldest lives
something hit down there that had people calling in to tell about it
and ask the weather man what it was
60-70 mph winds in a very populated area
hail and buckets of rain that one caller said was
at a time when there are loads of people out shopping and on the way home

haven't found out anything yet

colours close but no cigar

but gave it a go anyway
a circle is definitely not the way to go
and to be truthful that is frogged already
will try to find a ripple that is short and sweet
very ripply but not wide

plus I have one more coaster to finish
before I start on another mad cap thought

so while trying to sort the cobwebs
I took a walk outside before the rain comes
and it gets too humid to function


the husband ordered and received the part of the
humming bird feeder that was needed
stood over me while I made the
and then retreated when told it had to cool before it could be
poured into the glass container

and now the
hummers can feed to their little hearts content
if any happen to fly in
that is
haven't seen any this year yet
but if they decide to come
it's ready

one thing
fingers crossed
the voles haven't demolished
is the hosta at the base of the
hummer pot

but this is something I don't understand
a huge mound of earth in the middle of the
it's a bit hard to see and comprehend
and I just hope that it isn't a
snake nest or something equally
there is a snake in this bed that I saw a couple
of days ago
which is why I'm not weeding the weeds
I don't do snakes
ta very much

the day lillies in the pot are putting the blooms up
the colombine is over now and I'm so glad I put it in there
maybe I'll keep adding to this
with stray and volunteer plants as they come up

the black eyed susans are budding
remember the hairy yellow flowers
that made the shadows last year

we'll make more

and this is just because
no sun in the sky
it's all in this little face
appalachian sun drops

and one more
pile of chaos
on the coffee table
stitch or hook
always the question
around here

and look who took a stroll through the back
yesterday evening

a female mallard
I always call them
because when she sees you
she bobs up and down in greeting

she is young
I can tell by the condition of her feathers and the colour
I took some nasty plastic bag bread out to make them stay
and bless them
they spat it out
and ate the bugs and seeds instead
I don't feed them that nasty bread
and I don't eat it...
I eat organic seeded bread and if I give them bread at all
it's that
so I hope the voles ate it and choked!!!

and her handsome mate

john drake

(for those of you who don't  know what I mean
that was from
Danger Man
on Brit TV a hundred years ago
"oh by the way...
the name's Drake...
John Drake"!!!!!
how can I remember that and not what I had for dinner the night before)!!!!!

he kept his beady eye on me to make sure I didn't mess with his chick

and I sat in the chair and kept still and quiet
and communed with nature

look at those feet!!!!!

as you know
I do
she is such a pretty one
such an honour that they stayed and let me
maybe there'll be babies soon!!!
Oh god and then I'll have to worry about them disappearing
maybe we can hope they are brother and sister
and know not to....

see you laters



Friday, May 27, 2011

fab friday

so far
well if you ignore the fact that
is buggered again
everyone is mentioning it
so before it all collapses
let me show you why it's a fab Friday


opened up

this morning
it was the first thing I saw
 and I smiled
think they're called
Appalachian something or other!!!

now I KNOW
this is a rubbish shot but look at that
a flat headed duck mum
with a whole bunch a babies
click on it and it's a bit clearer

and we have a community
the parents have let the others come and join the babies

there's Honker with them
the one that isn't a Canada Goose
she acts as the Nanny I guess
because when I appeared she started with the hissing
I futzed with the camera and they started moving towards me

but the adults kept a close eye on me
and I got a little bolder
and this is what I have
I spoke to them and told them I came in peace
and would they bring the little ones closer
and they did
one step at a time
and I giggled the whole time
look at it
a baby goose
a gosling
a cutie pie
a sweet one
I will call him

so see, it's a fab friday
and not everyone is awake yet
hope you have
a friday
that is

hubby just said we need to make a
yarn run
more wattymelons


see ya!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

try it you'll like it!!!


I haven't done anything nice for you lately
so I thought I would show you
how to make a set of watermelon coasters
I have had such nice feed back
on the ones I made the other day
I thought you would like to see how
easy and quick they are to make
 I made a big one for the friend

these are small slices


and as the weekend is coming up
they can be made in no time
and you'll have something
 new and cute
to use on the
picnic table
rug on the grass
or where ever it is you'll be

so here we go
I use  US terms
because I don't know the others
so figure it out
from what I say or the photos
and this is a photo loaded post

I used cotton and a big hook size H
to make them chunky and rustic
if you want small and dainty
adjust the yarn and the size of the hook!!!

if you know how
make a magic loop
if you don't
look it up
or make a chain of 5 or 6 and join into a loop

make 12 dc in the loop
join into first stitch with a slip stitch

row 2
make 2 half dc where you joined
and then
2dc into each stitch around
you will have 24 sts

join with a slip st

row 4
make 2 sc into same place you join
and then do this to the end
into each st around

join with slip stitch

row 5
change to white and sc all the way around
join with sl st

row 6
change to green
and do whatever edge you prefer

this is
3 dc shell
miss one sc
sc into next stitch
3 dc shell
miss one

or you can just sc all the way around

or you can do the
backwards sc
aka the crab stitch

this is hard to write as you have to literally go backwards
but it is easy once you know how
make a sc as normal

then you have to sort of twist the hook to get it to go into the stitch to the RIGHT of the first st
yo pull thru and make a sc

if you have trouble I am sure there are tons of videos on youtube to help you
that is where I first saw it

it's my favourite edge for things like this
as it looks like a rope

when you get to the end of this last row
finish off as you do
weave in the few ends
you got's yourself
a little
slice of
to put under your glass of summer drink
and soon you will have two
and then three
and then how ever many you want or need

I do hope you try it
coz I
 know you will
really really like it

 who wouldn't


I used good old
Lily sugar and cream cotton
don't know the colour of the pink
but to me it says
and the green is sage green
but you use whatever you want

tomorrow morning I can put my
cafe latte
on it
and smile

if I made a mistake or you don't understand
let me know and we'll fix it