Thursday, May 26, 2011

try it you'll like it!!!


I haven't done anything nice for you lately
so I thought I would show you
how to make a set of watermelon coasters
I have had such nice feed back
on the ones I made the other day
I thought you would like to see how
easy and quick they are to make
 I made a big one for the friend

these are small slices


and as the weekend is coming up
they can be made in no time
and you'll have something
 new and cute
to use on the
picnic table
rug on the grass
or where ever it is you'll be

so here we go
I use  US terms
because I don't know the others
so figure it out
from what I say or the photos
and this is a photo loaded post

I used cotton and a big hook size H
to make them chunky and rustic
if you want small and dainty
adjust the yarn and the size of the hook!!!

if you know how
make a magic loop
if you don't
look it up
or make a chain of 5 or 6 and join into a loop

make 12 dc in the loop
join into first stitch with a slip stitch

row 2
make 2 half dc where you joined
and then
2dc into each stitch around
you will have 24 sts

join with a slip st

row 4
make 2 sc into same place you join
and then do this to the end
into each st around

join with slip stitch

row 5
change to white and sc all the way around
join with sl st

row 6
change to green
and do whatever edge you prefer

this is
3 dc shell
miss one sc
sc into next stitch
3 dc shell
miss one

or you can just sc all the way around

or you can do the
backwards sc
aka the crab stitch

this is hard to write as you have to literally go backwards
but it is easy once you know how
make a sc as normal

then you have to sort of twist the hook to get it to go into the stitch to the RIGHT of the first st
yo pull thru and make a sc

if you have trouble I am sure there are tons of videos on youtube to help you
that is where I first saw it

it's my favourite edge for things like this
as it looks like a rope

when you get to the end of this last row
finish off as you do
weave in the few ends
you got's yourself
a little
slice of
to put under your glass of summer drink
and soon you will have two
and then three
and then how ever many you want or need

I do hope you try it
coz I
 know you will
really really like it

 who wouldn't


I used good old
Lily sugar and cream cotton
don't know the colour of the pink
but to me it says
and the green is sage green
but you use whatever you want

tomorrow morning I can put my
cafe latte
on it
and smile

if I made a mistake or you don't understand
let me know and we'll fix it




  1. We were thinking just a like today. Over in my garden the watermelons are for a bunting. Fun to see another version of the same idea. Great minds think a like don't they...too funny

  2. Super cute! I can't wait to give it a try! Thanks a lot for your sharing!!!

  3. These are so pretty, will definitely have a go.

  4. Your wattymelons are just lovely! I don't like the taste of real wattymelon but these I do like a lot! I also like the term wattymelon - I won't call it anything else again - it's a wattymelon from now on!

  5. I found you through your comment on The Garden Bell and what a wondrous find!!! Read three pages and can't wait to find the time to read all of your blog. Not even sure where you are from yet. Been wanting to try my hand at the lovers knot shawl, the link you posted is perfect and it looks fairly easy.

  6. Hi Marilyn, well, it seems we can post today but the followers gadget is missing from everyone's blog. :/ I've written down the pattern and will be making some later on. Not sure about that backward stitch though. Hope your day is a good one and free of slime. :) Tammy

  7. Love the colours. I think this will be my next bicycle saddle cover. Looks nice and springy! Mia S

  8. Thanks for sharing...they are so much fun...I'll have to add these to my growing 'to do' list!

  9. Thanks so much for this pattern i actually just need the edging from it i have been looking forever and this is finally what i need! thanks!