cross stitch stitch

this looks so complicated
but it isn't
it is just the order in which you knit the stitch
like a one stitch cable!!!!!
I work on an even count and slip the first stitch and purl the last stitch
you can do whatever it is you know to keep the edges flat or add a border if you like
a moss stitch beginning and edge might look nice
but it depends on what you are making of course!!!!
hope you try it and if there are problems
let me know

the secret to this is that you work the
SECOND stitch first
that's it
that's all
if you are doing an edging work those stitches and then do the pattern
which is
pick up the second stitch purlwise on the left needle
work a purl stitch but leave the stitch on the left needle
and work the first stitch as usual
and pull both stitches off
do this all across until you either get to the end
or to the edge stitches
that is all there is
work the second stitch first and then the first stich and pull them both off together

it will feel awkward the first few times of course
but soon you will be knitting backwards and sideways and not even thinking  about it.....

(slip stitch and the first two purl stitches)

now for the knit stitch
put the needle in the back of the second stitch
and make a stitch leaving it on the left needle
put the needle into the first stitch in the usual manner
and make a knit stitch
and pull both the stitches off

see... that's all there is to it
second first and first second
criss cross
cross stitch
single cable
lots of names
but only one way to make it

and soon you will have a piece of woven fabric that you made with your
knitting needles
I have tried this in thin and thick and chunky
in plain and multi coloured
and it hasn't failed yet

good luck!!!!

the slip stitch/purl edge

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