Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Phew!! that was close...


...maybe too close....
but it's over now
 and we don't have to put up with the negativity,
the endless repetitive ads
the incessant drone of voices ever saying nought 
I am speaking of yet another election cycle
that seems to never end these days
as soon as they are elected
they start working on the next
the Commonwealth of Virginia has a new Governor
Terry McAuliffe

politico image
I am not in any way, shape, or form, a political animal
I'm not really even interested, though I know we are supposed to be
but being married to a "political junkie"
 I tend to shy away and ignore
but this one was scary
( because of who was running )
vewy vewy scarwy ....VERY
and to be honest 
very sick and twisted in how they think we should live and function
because they say so!!!

but now that it's over
 and they didn't get in 
and we won't be living in the 13th century under 
sick twisted misogynistic bastards
we have enough to deal with ,with those already here!!!!!!
this state is not exactly the most modern and forward thinking to begin with
so we don't need anymore backward thinkers telling us what to do...
now I am not stupid enough to think that who did get in 
can do much to change
but that is the world and we just get to live in it best we can
end of soapbox rant!!!
(my opinions are my opinions)

let's look at some pretty pictures 

my gentle giant is changing his cloak once again

husband brought home  what he thought to be
a  ready to eat
punkin' pie so I cooked it on Saturday

which was a very pretty day and if you squint you'll see a couple of ducks taking a stroll round the lake!!!

and I found this under the hutch ! 
(along with the dust bunnies who were coughing rather loudly)!!!!!
so I thought I'd make an autumnal one too
(to keep it company when it ends up under the hutch once again no doubt)

and sammy squizzel was waiting his turn under the bird feeder
the birds were going crazy flying in and out like jet planes and all sammy had to do was sit underneath
and wait for the dropped seed...

I'm using one of my own tutorials!!! for the crossed stitch stitch
(up there at the top of the page if you want it)
not sure I'll keep going
 as I can't settle on one thing
which is why I'm doing this too
it will be an 



and the muffins are just out of the oven

 now that all's right with the world
well as close as it's ever gonna get around these here parts
it's off to put the kettle on
and get on with what's left of the day
hope you have/had a good one
and nothing was
anywhere near


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  1. I've never much cared for politics. All I know is most politicians never do what they say they will do. And how can they, really, when there are so many other people who are really calling the shots. :/