Tuesday, December 14, 2010

trembling on tuesday

the wind continues to howl
make it unbearable to be out
I ran to the post office
was frozen just going to the car
a friend works at the PO
she is actually the
Post Mistress
(no one else wants to work at our rinky dinky PO)
and she was wearing two sweat shirts and a padded jacket
she says she can't put the heat on
postage falls off
if she does
hopefully all the trucks and planes
aren't heated

I got up really early again
the geese were making quite a racket
in the cold frosty dark
I really do not understand how all those
creatures survive in the winter
and I am going to google where birds sleep at night
just because I can and I want to know!!

birds sleep where they live
plain and simple
in trees and bushes and hedges
some in nooks and crannies in trees
water birds on the water
some on the ground
they are there
but we don't see them
and because nature takes care of her own
they are protected
with layers and air pockets
and muscles to hold their little feet on branches so they don't tumble off
so there you have it
they sleep where they live
bless their little cotton socks)

I took some pictures in the sun
of the little bits and bobs I put up
after I had cleaned
it sure helps keep the
and did a collage
I made a couple of others too
that I will post on
and maybe here too

in the meantime

I made some very simple and easy little paper stars yesterday
I have a plethora of paper
so I thought I would use some of it
they work up fast and if you have some paper and need a little
je ne c'est quoi
in all the spare time I'm sure you have
here's a little tut
cut squares of 4.5"
score lines every .75"
fold on the scores
staple in the middle
mark 1/2" from the staple on either side
and cut from that mark to the outer edges
make sure the folds are up
pull the "arms" out and kind of squash them a bit so they open up
if you want you can put a dab of glue where they come together at the staples
but I found you don't have to if you
them enough
you can make a tiny hole and thread something through to hang them
or just stand them up in and around your
pretty stars

I will show you the little wiggly tree in a bit
I have to make another
and take you some pictures!!!


Stay warm
 see you later!!!!!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this little tutorial. I think I might step over to my creative table as in right now and make one! Very lovely little stars!

  2. These are lovely,I'm going to try some if I can get some nice paper - thank you

  3. Your stars are just lovely - nice and simple and lovely. If you do find out what the birds do at night let me know - I really am interested to know as it mistifies me too - even in the UK I know they roost somewhere but I'll be damned if I know where!

  4. Lovely stars .... I have read about birds and their special foot muscles somewhere, suppose its like us not falling out of bed !!
    I think they need to make stamps stickier !Keep warm !
    Louise xx

  5. I love your paper stars and It's nice to know what happen far from Italy!

  6. ohh..I love your paper stars!
    Nice to meet you!

  7. Just made my first paper star...I love them! Thanks so much for sharing the instructions!

  8. This is a great project. I love making things out of paper. Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursdays. I am following you now. Happy New Year!


  9. The stars are so pretty! Hi~ I am your newest follower from the Thursday blog hop & would love it if you stopped by and returned the love :)


  10. Beautifull stars if you have time look on my blog i made little stars...lucky stars also very lovely...or google "lucky stars
    Love from Holland Cinderell@