Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I didn't forget...

I have just been doing what I do so well
too many things at once and not getting
much accomplished
 I was dragged
kicking and screaming
out the door to the
useless craft store
the grocery store
for coffee

that, I didn't mind,
because for the last two days the coffee I have drunk
why is it that the shops don't pay attention to what is popular and
who in the heck drinks all that coffee that sits on the shelf
and why don't the buyers see this
pet peeeeevveee
I had wet hair
I was not planning on going out
but I did
I'm a little bit glad
I was dragged
I got some short circular needles
some yarn to finish some
granny square slippers !!!!!  :}
 for the
the g'son is getting a hat
if it kills me
and it probably will
does anyone have a really really easy
nice hat pattern for a
6 yr old
I have looked
all over the place and I can't find anything that
I like
or can do
don't mess up half way through and have to frog
I found four sheets of pretty paper to make some stars
and the candle holders I wanted but wouldn't buy until they went on sale
50% off
were on sale
50% off
that is my day
so far
I still have to finish what I started
and couldn't because
I was dragged out the door
well you know....
so I will leave you with
I found the other day
printed out
made one
and forgot about it
so here...... you make them
have fun!!!!!



  1. Why Christmas is always so busy and Crazy?
    I will try to do the tree!

    P.s. Where are your mother from?

  2. Hey Marilyn, I just had a big bowl of brown rice topped with green beans sauteed with walnuts and garlic iin olive oil. I felt like I needed to soak up all that sugar I've been eating since yesterday. Had three pieces of toffee already and I already felt sick from all the cookies yesterday. Good thing Christmas only comes once a year. HA!

    I love the little tree you made and all those great paper stars. Your collage of photos around the house was so pretty. I've never used any of the digital programs as I know it would take up even more of my time.

    Circular needles were used last nite at the yarn group for the felted bag they were knitting but I didn't go. I can barely read crochet patterns half the time so don't need to add clueless at knitting to my list. Good luck with the hat. I've never done one either. My cousin just makes it up as she goes along and seems to do just fine. I'm not that creative.

    I've made a bunch of messes looking for supplies to craft with so need to go tidy up. Interesting info on where birds sleep. Isn't it amazing how nature truly does allow its creatures to adapt to their surroundings.

    Best wishes to you and yours, Tammy