Friday, December 17, 2010

frozen friday frivolities

it's as done as it's ever going to get

the big guy has his list all ready
and he's still taking names
so be good!

the stars are in their place
ready to shine on us

got matches in case the lights go out

and a candle to light with them

this one has lights in case we need more

the gingerbread is out and lit up
 you all light up the gingerbread....right ?:!!

and the
Princess Ann Angel is out and standing guard
with a very hungry Santa behind her
he's ready for all those
cookies and milk
and all the other goodies you put out for him

and pretty soon
just a few more days
he'll be flying over us all
on his way home
and it will start all over again

have a great weekend
get all your stuff done
don't freak out if you can't
they won't even notice
believe me
they won't and don't
try to enjoy
stay warm and safe


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