Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday post...

9.00 am today
that's Fahrenheit for you Celsius users
that's cold..... this is not Siberia

even though we have the frozen tundra

Always a Watcher....

standing on one leg... playing flamingo ...

see the two white blobs...two white ducks mixing in with the visitors
two of these bums are not like the others
two of these bums are not the same
or so they used to sing on Sesame Street...

meanwhile the SOB's are making checkerboards in the sky
those are not contrails...airliners don't fly like that...

so as the birds have had their dinner
(I threw a cup full of seed on the snow for the ones who don't like the feeder)

I started on ours
sbussgetti anyone???


  1. Brrr! Jordan, Jerusalem and Lebanon got snow yesterday. We got a sand storm. Definitely blah here. I've got leftover soup in the fridge. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  2. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful views.
    Heh- the SOBs comment made me laugh out loud. :)