Tuesday, February 1, 2011

holy cannoli....

it's working!!!

I didn't get to do as much as I had hoped I would
because we had to go out and stock up on a few things
mostly cat related items!!!!
as the husband was convinced that the storm is coming right here
to our house
and laying 2" of ice on us!!!


then we had to put things in order and make sure the batteries were changed and the trash taken out and the
cat box changed and the dishes done and the house tidied  up and ship shape
and the water bottles filled

then dinner had to be cooked
and so on and so forth!!!
then the husband decided to shred every piece of paper he could find in his office
and vacuum his space as well
the sound broke my concentration and I lost it
plus the cat decided she was going to complain about every little thing she could think of
since the beginning of time
so I gave up......

I think I have decided I need a wife a maid and a cat wrangler
I'm kidding
just the
maid part
 because I have gotten sick of cleaning the same things over and over
just like the rest of you
cabin fever is running rampant

but we won't go there
as they say

by the time I sat down and thought about knitting
my head wasn't in the right place and I didn't get to sit and knit
as I had imagined

once I started I did quite a bit
thanks to
showing me where to get special
knitting graph paper
I knitted
five stitches at a time
xx oo x
all the way across the row......

and it meant that I didn't  have to take it out
not one time
no backtracking
thank you Mia you have no idea how much the paper helps

a miracle in itself

I almost started something else
thinking that these two colours are boring and horrible
and because it is still dark outside the colour is not showing correctly
it is more purple and less shiny gold

but I will not do that
I am going to finish and at the end have a little bag
with a strap and even a lining
what it will be for
is any one's guess
but we have to start with baby steps
and leave the dresses for the experts
 Today I will sit and knit
the cat can write her complaints in
the husband has run to of paper to shred
unless there was a dust storm in here over night
he doesn't need to vacuum
and neither do I
so I will sit and knit
and watch a million people
walk to the palace
and play knock knock
with hosni

knock knock
who's there
bye bye
bye bye who
bye bye

told you
it's the cabin fever!!!!



elaine said...

Wow, that's looking really good, you're a total natural! I tend to have big ideas with colour work - like dresses:) - but not necessarily the skills or the patience to follow them through!! I'm going to have to knit lots of samples before committing myself to anything first:)

I also need to sort out tension - mine was a wee bit dodgy with the mittens. Looks like you've sorted that out already - any tips?

T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow Marilyn! I'm impressed. How do you work in those bits of gold to make the pattern? I love how you are using the graph paper to work out your designs. Great work! It's bedtime around here. In fact, waaaaayyy past my bedtime so I must hit the hay. Hope that the storm isn't as bad as they say it will be. Stay safe and warm! Best wishes, Tammy

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the graph paper came in handy, and things in marilynville finally settled down! The stitches look lovely. I am in complete agreement about cleaning! It comes round far too quickly. I used to say that if I could only earn enough to pay a maid, I would still prefer to go out to work and pass over all my wages to the maid! Mia.

MDScaper said...

M, I went for a good walk this afternoon. It made me feel a lot better about winter. I'd rather be cycling of course!

Hooked On Yarn said...