Thursday, February 24, 2011

look at these beauties

the needles I was waiting for

acrylic ones

and beautiful wooden ones
look at the colour inspiration in those

metal ones still to be opened
and below
the soft and supple cable
no more twisty tangles

and then
and then
this that  I spied this morning
and rushed outside to
right before the rain came

an American Bald Eagle
flying in the wind aloft
so high you can hardly see him
but I saw him in a flash of sun
for just a second
but it was long enough to identify him
with his white head and tail

the wind is cold and blowing

and looking down
I spied these
life amongst the dead and dry

I know I know
on the back lawn
(there's that word again!!)

in amongst the leaf litter
ever present

poking through the earth

and showing the new season isn't far away now

even the rose bush agrees

and there's even one for later

and she doesn't give two hoots
coz she can't eat them
or sleep on them

oh my what a big eye you have kitty!!!

so there you go


Ruth said...

Those wooden needles look lovely! Great colours!

I have croci that have appeared right at the bottom of the cherry tree on my front lawn - I'm at a loss as to how they have gotten there as croci are bulbs not seeds but the only logical thing I can think is of that when the birds that have sat in the tree have "gone to the loo" as it were they must have transferred something crocuslike to the ground as I know birds are fond of eating them (purple ones particularly). I also get some little white flowers with lots of leaves that smell very garlicy and I'm wondering if it is indeed wild garlic but I'm reluctant to try for fear of poisoning myself but it seems as if they may be as years and years ago where I lived used to be nothing but fields for miles and miles before it was all sadly churned up for housing development so it may be possible that it is indeed garlic. One day I may be brave and try a teeny tiny taste.

eddunsmore said...

Today must be your lucky day, new needles, new flowers comming up through the earth. The American Bald Eagle how lucky can you be. To top it all off your lovely cat! Lucky Marilyn!!!

Nilla said...

Those wooden needles are just beautiful! Can understand that you have been longing for them. :) And spring flowers... Will take a while before I see any in my lawn, though. And what a beauty your kitty is! :)

madhu said...

Oh to have the seasons....there is no better word than "spring" to describe all those buds and blooms popping up here and there. The little thrills! Ah :-) The joy of needles....needless to say dear Marilyn :-) Don't you just love counting the blessings around you!