Friday, February 25, 2011

it's the 25th of february

and I think I just saw a warning for
in our area
I cannot describe how strong the wind is right now and how very very scary it is
to be under all these tall trees
the wind is so loud
and so gusty
it's either high up in the trees
or swooping down and hitting the ground
with such force everything is being blown
hither and yon
it's crazy
and I don't like living in the woods


this is the silly flag someone put up at the
place we call the beach on the lake

and this is a leaf stuck in the fence

and there

are actual waves on the water

I'll have you know I was almost blown away taking these

but look at the sky

and those clouds south of us
so I don't mind risking life and limb
to show it all

and yes I did  housework
it's all lemony fresh

crystal clear

and bright as a peacocks tail

 I'll have you know..... it was hard to do it
not the work
but  having to ignore the fact

that I got an e-mail

from Sweden

with a video attached


who made it for me to show me the stitch I told you about the other day
that I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to do

I can do it
and I can even say the chant
of course with an English accent
 "ta hank, lägga hank, sticka hank och maska".
and that means
lift a stitch
yarn over
knit a stitch

and I did and look what I have

it is so soft and squishy
and so pretty
now that I know
so easy

it's called


and it comes from
and it's lovely

and she thinks so too!!

so for the rest of this afternoon
I'll be chanting
in a clean house
with the wind howling outside
dinner is already planned
I'll see you

thank you
"tack så mycket!".

lift a stitch
knit a stitch

lift a stitch
yo knit a stitch


Nilla said...

Varsågod! :) Only glad I could help! Very glad, actually! :D

Anonymous said...

That Snöstorps-knitting looks lovely in that blue yarn. Well done! Your self control was impressive, getting the house cleaned first!.. Lovely help and encouragement from Nilla! Mia S

Content in a Cottage said...

I'm very jealous of your lemony crystal-clear clean house. I've been too busy watching the trees sway in the wind. The knitting stitch is lovely. How nice of Nilla to help you. Have a great weekend. I enjoyed the photo tour.
xo, Rosemary

Valeria said...

Spring is round the corner :)) dont you just love that feeling

you should name that snowman Nilla

sophie...^5 said...

Beautiful stitch done with gorgeous cobalt blue fave colour!

Allyson said...

That stitch in that colour is wonderful!!