Saturday, February 19, 2011


Well, that was nice while it lasted
after record breaking temperatures yesterday
and warm balmy breezes
sunshine and blue skies
the wind picked up
in the evening
changed direction
old man winter
blew back in

there are still shadows from the sun
but the wind is cold and brisk
we're back to shivering

so "she's" going to be
warm and toasty in her outfit

the picture I posted on Flickr
made it into
Explore yesterday
she was found
by whatever it is that chooses photos
hee hee!!

I do still wonder what it is that chooses the photos
some computer generated doohickey that I don't understand
she was 219 of 500
whatever that means

Sammy will have to find a ray of sun and load up on the seed
and I think he'll have to share with the others this time!!

but there is always the hope
that it won't last too long
even though there is a chance of
next week
I will still consider these past few days
an Early Spring
because that feeling is still there
it's just colder
but we all know that that happens
so all we have to do is
and it will come!!

While I wait for the new yummy needles to arrive
and they are on their way

I was thinking about doing some crocheting
there is a new trend appearing all over the place
Japanese flowers from a book that has been out for a while
won't show it or the pictures of the flowers
because the copy write thingy ma do
has been "breached" and all the postings of the pattern taken down
and I'm not sure about the flower pictures
but there has been some discussion
about posting things that shouldn't be posted
because of said
copy write
(edited because spelling stalin pointed out I had spelt/spelled it wrong/wrongly
not knowing when it's on purpose or on mistake!!!!!)
a santi sana mem sab

I don't know if you noticed but I removed a tut
for something
when I went back to the pattern and noticed a "warning"
about reproducing the pattern in any way shape or form
I took mine down
I will respect it
I also don't think it's right the way some people
take a patten, make a change or two
and it suddenly becomes known as
"their" pattern
this is also discussed time and again and again
if you didn't "invent" it
don't make a claim on it
and if it becomes known with your name attached to it
correct that each time you see it.

this is one of those subjects
with no end to it
blogging is beginning to resemble a turf war
there are those who would like to dictate how to blog
or preach about being civil and courteous when commenting
how to design your blog to make it
"user friendly"
how many photos to load in each post
well I say

bugger off and leave us alone

if you don't have the common courtesy to be civil while commenting
if you don't like how someone designed their blog
if you don't want to look at photos
then don't go there anymore
why should it all look the same
how boring
I choose to have a white background because I like the
clean look
but if you choose to have a riot of colour and loads of gadgets loaded up and down the sides
so be it
I come to read
just as I would visit your house
and not ask you to redecorate when I come
and at the same time if you choose to hook up with
how to blog blogs
and ask your readers to join
and I don't want to
as long as you don't force me
I'll still drop by

as the French say
each to his own
(only they say it in French!!)

:) :) :) :)

blogs show who the person is and if it's all been
designed just so
and if it looks the way
someone else says it should look
then I say again
my only peeve is check your spelling and grammar
sometimes it gets hard to read sentences that don't make sense or have glaring mistakes in them and they aren't corrected
so READ what you write
and if you say you don't have time

today  I am going to once again tidy the stash
do a little house maintenance
so to speak
and probably go to the store
to replenish what has been consumed
mostly by the little furry one
and the man of the house
it's amazing how much those two can consume
I can have a packet of biscuits (cookies) for a month
a bar of chocolate for two
I put them out last night and they are
nothing but crumbs
oh well.......

and I am not making any Japanese flowers
I did a couple yesterday
and they just aren't for me
unless I have enough
beige-y colours


because the riot of colours can give me a headache
but then you know me
I'm a beige person
and again
if you choose to have a riot of colour
I'm all for it
and I enjoy seeing what you do
and sometimes I wish I could go all riot-y and bold and  brilliant
but beige people
they stay safe and neutral
and that's OK too



Mrs Twins said...

Well done!
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pOP OVER TO sibol!
Then Ravelry
Best of luck!
Hugs Suex

elaine said...

I'm a full on colour gal but I love the clean, simple elegance too - just can't help busying things up with colour and decoration, lol! I see the choice of design and style as highly personal and it's a good way to reflect the individuality of the person. Live and let live, I say! Then again, I was never one to follow the rules...:))

As to nasty opinionated comments -I don't see why is it necessary for some people to be spiteful and ruin someone's little happy blog world with their personal venomous rain cloud. I see this a lot on facebook and it's so unnecessary. And don't even get me started on 'You Tube'!!

Hopefully all my grammer and spelling is A+ correct :))Usually I rush and make typos then press publish too quickly and wince at the mistakes! xxx

elaine said...

So busy having a rant I forgot to say congratulations on getting into the Explore page with your lovely snow-woman! Yay!
Doohickey - what a lovely descriptive word:) Must remember that! xx

Anonymous said...

I've been away quite a few days now due to poorly kiddywinks and the like. All I can say to your post is bloody brilliant!! I'm absolutely peed off with the whole blogging lark at the minute and the fact that it has become so goddam cliquey and that we all HAVE to be seen in the "right blogging circles". To all that want to be seen in those cliques I say bog off - I don't want to be in your group/gang - shove it.

As for copyright I've said everything I need to say on that score and won't say any more on the subject as to be perfectly honest people will do what the hell they like at the end of the day - when it all goes pear shaped I shall sit back, laugh my ass off and say "Told you so!"

There's a lot of truth in that saying "what goes around, comes around" and it will one day.

Love your snowman too BTW!

Anonymous said...

I also forgot to mention that I hope you didn't think my "Blogging with Integrity" post was being dictating in terms of how to blog - I just liked what it was about and thought I would share.

Breaching copyright and plagiarism completely bugs the hell out of me and yes I will speak up about it as I truly believe it to be wrong but dictating about blogging I don't want to do at all so if you saw it like that I apologise to you most sincerely - it was more of an add on to the copyright topic and I saw it as relevant to what I had previously posted about much earlier.

If your blog was neon pink with green spots all over, had one gazillion photos per post and played bizarre, drug induced experimental music it I would still read it as I like what you post about - real life not life through rose tinted lenses.

Maybe I talk to much? - I don't know but I am an Aries and I pretty much fill the character description for an Aries spot on lol!!! :)

Anonymous said...

You do make me laugh! I'm not a blogger but I do LOVE your blog, your pictures, and love all the comments above too! Mia S.

Hooked On Yarn said...

I love the muted tones you use! They're very restful and elegant!

I do enjoy the bright full-on colours, but I find them overwhelming sometimes. It entirely depends on my mood :)

Congrats on Samantha reaching explore. No surprise there!!