Friday, February 25, 2011

how can it be friday

but, I'll bet those of you who have a job are happy it is
and those with kids are happy it is
and those who like the weekend are happy it is
or those of you who have plans for the weekend are happy it is

around these parts
it makes no difference at all
one day is pretty much like all the others
so it's just the name of a day now

back when I had a life!!
Friday used to be the day
I'd scrub the house clean
from top to bottom
wash everything in sight and fold and put it all away
bake something yummy
do the shopping,
no that was on Thursday
because that's the day the new stuff comes in

and when the kids came home from school
happy it was Friday
everything was all ship shape
and as it should be
I wonder if they even noticed
or remember
but I doubt very much that they did or do
because that is how life was
and they didn't know anything different

and the hubs was working then so he didn't have a clue as to what went on
so now
he asks why things have to be done on certain days
and I have failed to make him understand
that that is how it was
and always will be

and if he doesn't like it, understand it, accept it
then move out of the way
mama's gonna clean today
like she ain't ever cleaned before!!!

At least that is the plan
the idea
the intention
the want
and most importantly
see ya
on the other side of


elaine said...

Ah, you make me tired just thinking about all that cleaning, cooking and tidying! I should work like that and I love the sense of achievement when it's all sorted just so but these days I tend to work to the 'if you see something needing doing, go do it' rule which kind of spreads it out over the week:)
Which reminds me, I have to go do some food shopping before the cupboards are obviously bare! Happy tidying!!

Nilla said...

My mum was like that. Cleaning the house thoroughly (don't know if I spelled that right...) once a week. I've never been like that. I hate cleaning and look the other way not to see the mess around me. :/

Anonymous said...

I looked forward to today - only for the fact that my new washing machine was being delivered after my old one died on Sunday. So now it's time to tackle the mountain of dirty clothes that one husband, me and two kids can produce in one week. That new machine is gonna get one hell of a test run that's all I can say lol!!! Happy Weekend to you!

Anonymous said...

Monday is my day for cleaning. Husband goes out and meets his ex-colleagues for lunch and I have the full run of the house. It does seem an awful waste of a day though! Mia S

MDScaper said...

Funnily enough I don't have any particular day when I will do house cleaning. I remember my grandparents having a day for laundry, a day for dusting, a day for vacuuming, and so. I just do it when I feel like it.