Sunday, February 27, 2011

she's been s 'perimentin'

with her little blue love!!
you're in for it now folks
she found the burst feature
 on the camera and went outside
when the sun came out
and clicked 86 shots of the birds coming to feed

ignore the awful conditions of the ground and the litter all around
they have scratched the ground all to pieces and it looks like a bomb site
it's winter!!!!

Yesterday when I mentioned that I am crap at getting bird shots
a brilliant brain from cross the big pond
left a message about
rapid fire shots
that is what I call them
this morning I found out how to set the camera to
burst mode
that is what it calls them
burst-moded my little heart out!!!

I will not make you sit there are look at 86
not very good at the moment shots of little tiny birds stuffing their faces
but I will show you
the little lady I have been trying to capture
in the lens
for a very long time

who suddenly appeared
in the tree behind and decided to join in 
with the others
I am over the moon
but still sane enough to know they aren't very good
but  I know you'll give me a break this time


with her


just so
and she let me click away until she was done

Yes it's blurry but remember she is moving all the time
and I am trying
very very hard not to

there you go
I have a new toy

now I just have to take
more to get a clear shot worth posting!!!
see ya


MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

I WAS the first to post comment, but my computer lost it's signal just as I was doing my comment! And I'm at this point again. I think you did a fabulous job with the photos & she is beautiful!

Content in a Cottage said...

It's fun to have a new toy. I always forget about burst mode and it always scares me when it gets activated if I hold the button down a little longer than normal. Beautiful cardinal.

elaine said...

AH-HA! Another thing for me to try on my camera!! Yipee:))) Don't think I have as nice birds hanging around my garden but I will have to experiment too :) xx