Saturday, February 12, 2011

useless information

I actually write this for those of you who know me well
friends and family!!!
who know how full of useless information I am


two weeks ago when the looters broke into the
Cairo Museum
did quite a bit of damage
to many things
after almost an hour

of roaming around

breaking into the cases
knocking things over

and apparently looking for gold and money
some precious something
that is supposedly in the necks of the
that gives the power
to rule over the underworld

well, after the twit fell from the thin cable he used to get into the museum
and fell onto a case
and badly injured himself
he limped around looking for who knows what

he was arrested in front of the statue of
she is the figure of a cat
she is the
the gods
Husband bought me this
replica of her years ago
and I had forgotten who she was
now I know
and I think it's

the looter was within feet of the
priceless golden mask of
King Tutankhamun
it was untouched!!!!!

Yeah Kitty!!!!



Anonymous said...

Haha! No wonder cats were worshiped... as is they're right! And what a lovely present from your husband! Mia S.

elaine said...

:)) That is priceless:) go kitty! Don't cats have this ability to look down on us mere mortals/servants?! Bast the cat goddess seems to be alive and well!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

It's too bad Bast didn't come alive and take a little chomp out of that looter.