Saturday, February 12, 2011

harbingers of spring

bringers of change

heralds of the coming season

not quite ready for their close ups
had to sneak behind the window to get these really really lousy shots
there were 6-8 of them on the front lawn
and as soon as I thought about getting the camera
they hid or flew away
the dirty rats!!!

so I pointed the lens up to show you the sun on the tulip seed pods
and the blue sky we have today.

I am trying to
xxx ooo
my way across a pattern I found in a knitting magazine I forgot I bought
at the store I try not to shop in

I made one error

and had to undo it
oh well
that's what Saturday afternoons are for
I got a sweet sweet note from Svana in Norway
wishing me a happy
Mother's day
as it is obviously Mother's day there

such a sweetie she is
so if any of you reading this are
or are just there
Happy Mother's Day
hope you get spoilt
and waited on
hand and foot!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Happy Day! Xx0XXX0XX (whoops)! Xx0xxx0.. I give up! Mia S X