Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good Morning all

Today it's all about shadows here
the sun is up and shining brightly over the house
and there are shadows with which to play
all over the front

You can also see how very brown and dead looking everything is
and it's in need of a good clean up out there
one day!!

with all the snow we had you'd think it would look a little moister

but with the horrible Virginia clay that we have
it doesn't take long for it all to disappear and get rock hard and concrete like

except where the moss grows
I love mossy patches
and have to fight hard to keep them
husband likes to destroy it and plant grass seed
where grass seed doesn't like to grow
I think I may be winning this one!!!!

so here "she" is
the second sampler
the second try at getting it a little
"righter" than the first one
still not exactly perfect
still isn't how I saw it
but it's done
and looking at it I can see a few things I didn't see before
but that's OK

had the idea to sew both pieces together and make a bag
just to do it
so I had to find out how to knit a circle
which I did
I can see all the misses I made in the increasing
but that's how you learns missus

WHAT did we do without the Internet?
OH yes, we bought books and went to the library
but it wasn't as instant as the
was it?
How much one can learn with a touch of a button
weally weally wonderful
but now that the two pieces are almost together
I do not like it
SAM I am
I do not like it
one bit ma'am

so on to something else
while I think about what to do
not that it's of any importance whatsoever!!
I just ordered the
from Knitpicks
the ones I have are old and chew the yarn up
which annoys me no end.

 that's it for now
thank you once again for all the lovely comments
you have been leaving these days
it's so nice to see you all
and the emails you send too
and all the activity over on Flickr
we have quite the little community going don't we
something else the
gives us
access to the
whole wide world
of peoples
we wouldn't have
if it
t'weren't for the
which I now have to get off
and go and do something constructive


this is my artsy-fartsy shot of the day
like an ocean wave turning into
raspberry jam

see ya!!!!!


Nilla said...

Haha, one time we asked ourselves (the husband and I) what we used to do before Google. The answer was - ask mum! :)

The knitting looks wonderful. I think you're a bit hard on yourself. See the few misstakes you make as proof that what you do is handmade - a piece of art, unique and beautiful! If you want perfect, let the machines do it! :)

elaine said...

Your knitting is looking scrumptious and very accomplished! The colours are lovely and the back is so neat! Is it stranded or woven on the back? An ocean wave turning into raspberry jam made me giggle:))
Ah it's good to be able to reach like-minded people all over the world!

~ Mormorshem ~ said...

Dear blogfriend ~~~ I wish I could use a good translater, and I wish I could speak&write much better english, so I have to do something about this...! ;*)

However, I love to be here at Your place ~~~


The Garden Bell said...

OH, I hope you didn't read me wrong. There are some who love the white, as I do here. But, there are those who have just changed and followed every little tip they read, because someone said so.

Love love love your close up of the knitting. Great colors. And those shadow shot are wonderful too.

Carry On, just as it,

Clara said...

Even though I do not knit as a rule, I am enjoying every eyeful of what you have done here...just wonderful.