Wednesday, February 2, 2011

it missed us.....

not having seen the weather forecast for around here
I think we were the lucky ones who missed the storm
It went further North and West of us
I have seen the photos and read the stories
and I may even feel a little guilty
that's how the storms roll through

the sun is making an appearance
so i took a stroll outside
and despite a cold breeze
and a very wet and soggy ground
I shot a few shots

there's Honker preening in the sun
on the end of the dock
and you can see the thin layer of ice on the water

and a thicker layer on the other side
with a queue waiting for the bus outta here!!!!

these little buggers are the reason I went out
I sneaked as sneakily as I could sneak
and just as I got close enough
they took off and landed over there
it is now my mission to get a close up
how I don't know
but I will try the good try!!

sun shadows on slushy snow shining serenely

the pieris japonica is dripping with flowers

the diamonds are once again dancing on the lake

and the ice coat this was wearing the other day seems not to have hurt it at all

the end



elaine said...

Beautiful! Lovely photos as always. What a beautiful place to live xx

Megan said...

we were missed for the most part too. or at least it wasn't nearly as bad as they said it would be.