Monday, February 21, 2011

a baby called "Facebook" and other things

and how to start a revolution on your phone

for those of you who want to know!!!!

and other things
a bird waiting to eat in the tree and you can see the sky
grey and blegh
we are going to be getting rain and then snow
later today

when I got up this morning
before dawn
it was clear and really lovely when the sun came up!!

but soon after, the clouds started rolling in
and the whole atmosphere about the place changed
dull and gloomy and yuck!!

we did a bit of shopping
you know for the feline of the species
as she has consumed all those cans of food I feel like I bought just five minutes ago
poor little thing
she really doesn't eat a lot
I just feel like all I do is feed and water her
 straighten her bed
sweep the hair off the floor
and make sure she is loved
and all she does is
eat drink
fill the house with noxious fumes
you know
just like any cat

next to the grocery store we frequent
is a pre-school
on the roof were a ton of sea gulls all huddled together looking
miserable and tired
the coast must be getting the brunt of the system
I WISH I'd taken my camera
I really must start doing that
note to self

these photos are what I saw as I was putting away the groceries
the little diving ducks are back
swimming and diving
in amongst the geese
who are so majestically
floating on the water

it started to rain so they left rather quickly to go who knows where

 maybe they just went around the corner to sit on the beach and wait it out

last night I practiced the
magic loop again
and ended up with



he 'as a new 'at

and now he thinks he's a merchant marine

I promise
right hand up
that this is the last time
you have to suffer the
I swear
I do...
no, my fingers are

see ya


eddunsmore said...

I want to see more snowman, they are so cute! Its been warm here no snow, yuk day no sun.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Your day sounds like ours the other day that started off beautifully and then turned into clouds and dust that have stayed til now. :/ I love, love, love your little snowperson. Just too flippin' cute! Best wishes, Tammy