Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I want...

to sit in this chair
from biscuitscout
that's on etsy

I have lust in my heart for this chair
lust I tell you....

and look outside at the headless mourning dove
(no it isn't really headless, but because I couldn't see what I was looking at
in spite of what Henry says, it looks headless)

and knit a circle
with three needles and a forth one
in a very awkward fashion
to try and make what I have in my mind

and ignore the mewling cat
who seems to be having a very
talkative day

and also ignore the pungent smell of
fried to within an inch of it's life
if it ever actually had one
cooked by the resident chef
who has the taste buds of a

I want to ignore the world and all the horrid stories being told today
but I can't ignore the world
I am a part of it
warts and all

old men should retire and go live a life in a rocking chair on the balcony of their luxury villa by the sea
not cavort around with 17 year old girls (and other old disgusting men)
girls who should be in school learning how to make a useful life
for themselves

women who have made a useful life for themselves
shouldn't be beaten and raped by thugs
then blamed for being there

men should stop all this greedy bullshit way of "running" the world
and see what they are doing
have done
and if not stopped
continue to do

teachers who describe their rude lazy whiney
rude lazy and whiney
shouldn't lose their jobs over expressing their opinions
like this country can afford to lose a teacher
especially one who knows her students so well
kids need to get their heads out of their I pods and realise the world is waiting for them to fix it
and if they can't tell you who the President is
but they can tell you the latest gossip about Lindey Lohan and Lady Gaga
who are two fine examples of womanhood
then they are up the creek
(no not all kids are lazy rude and whiney, but enough of them are so that it counts)
they need to wise up and fast coz it looks like this train is headed over the cliff



you wanna sit in the chair with me
or you want to stay as far away as possible
until I get over my
and figure out how to fix the world
that's on the brink
I think I need a cheese sandwich
and a cup of tea....
but I'll have to wait until the
has left the building!!!!!!
why do they still make

will have to go and see if I can find the Monty Python videos and cheer myself up
spam spam spam spam
la la la la


aren't stitches just the neatest things when taken up close?
I really really like them and I like doing this kind of knitting too
it isn't hard it isn't difficult it isn't too complicated
at all
why didn't I know that

I just re-read this and I am laughing
don't ya just love making yourself laugh
I always feel so much better when I moan and whine
but I'm not lazy and I try very very hard not to be rude
not until I am alone
and then
dot dot dot



Nilla said...

I hear you, the world is not what it should be... I guess we all could come together and make it a better place if we wanted too. So obviously we all don't want to. :( But it's a reminder for us all, that we have to do our part to make this world a decent place to live in, for us and others. And yes, your stitches are sooo beautiful! Take care!

elaine said...

Spam, spam, spam, spam;))) Its going around in my head now, making me smile! And that chair!! I feel the urge to knit a cably cover for a comfy chair now - only I don't have a single chair..... yet:)

Ah, the news:( Sometimes I feel like unplugging completely but like you say we are part of the world. If we can effect even one change then that's a start. It's the people that can have a huge effect but don't that frustrate me.

Take some time out and contemplate sitting in that lovely comfy knitted chair admiring your lovely stitches:) xxx

Valerie said...

over here, it seems pretty trendy these days for divorced fathers to kill their children before committing suicides... i was thinking i should stop watching evening news maybe... the times you want to shut the world around you. but can you ?
I'll ignore all this and will just get into your beautiful knnitting world & experiences. one of the few things on my craft list f or this year is to learn how to knit on four needles so I can make decent legwarmers and such for next winter...
i've seen that armchair,too... awesome isn't it ?!