Saturday, February 5, 2011

the sampler

 that is what I am calling it
a practice piece
a try out
of stitches and patterns

I have learnt how to carry the floats
how to weave- as- you- go
how to keep the tension as even as possible
and I have read that not all two-colour work is
fair isle
this is not fair isle
it is stranded work
I took these photos in the gloomy light and the colour is not showing correctly
it isn't blue
it is purple
and I don't like the two colours together
but it's a sampler so it's OK!!!

I am going to try to use more colour and do more mixing and matching with the colours I have
I've been sitting and drawing X's in every way shape and design I can come up with
I can go online and find already done graphs
but I want to see what I can do because the drawing helps put the design in the
old noggin
at least for me



all over everywhere hearts are popping up for
V day

as it is the husbands' birthday on the 14th
I always try to concentrate on that
 rather than the silly day of "lurve"
 just another shopping ploy and guilt maker!!
(yeah, I know....such a loving attitude)

 while looking in a box a couple of days ago
I found all these hearts that I made and cut out
last year!!!!

so as not to get left off the
"love is in the air"
I give you my
I can't believe I cut up my most favourite
to make these silly things
guess I'll take the stars from Xmas away and put these up on the shelves
can't have too much "lurve" around you

I am off then dear readers
to change the laundry around
empty the dishwasher
sweep the floor
make the meatballs for dinner
maybe bake something yummy
haven't done that for a while
so maybe a little sugar butter and eggs are called for
now that I am addicted to
addicted I tell you
 a little nibble of something yummy is called for
and I need to get out the iron rich foods again
because the occupant of the
is getting wobbly again
so maybe some spinach rolls too
with the feta cheese I found in the fridge yesterday!!!

have a good
 whatever it is where you are
I'll see you soon......
prob'ly over on flickr or ravelry or on your blog
but not until I have finished the chores!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love spinach and I love feta - well I just love all cheese actually! I think your samples would make an awesome pair of legwarmers!!

I'm not too good at the soppy day stuff either. Now I have to go out and buy a card because the husband had said he has bought mine!

I do like toile fabric too - it's very elegant. I remember once seeing a photo in some design magazine (or something like that) where some "designer" had covered everything in toile - the walls, the bedding, the curtains, lampshades - you name it they had covered it - it was bloody awful!!! Toile Overkill!!! ;0)

NanaBeast said...

I only like V-day for the hearts. I love the shape of hearts. And I love your toil heart!

Some iron rich molasses in your baking might be in order too!

Content in a Cottage said...

Your samplers are beautiful. They remind me of smocking which I love. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Hooked On Yarn said...

There you go! I learned something :)

Your little hearts are very cute. Definitely go and stock up on the iron...wobbles are not fun!

Nilla said...

Ah - I forgot the laundry! Thank you for reminding me. :) And well done on the stranded knitting!