Friday, February 4, 2011

I don't know what to call this post
so I haven't called it anything
an empty space where there is usually something

I have been watching the events in Egypt
 to the voices
coming out of a country being torn apart
I have heard the voices on the phones of people caught in the violence
of the sound of gun shots so close they drowned out the voice
watched as they threw gas bombs
and chunks of concrete at each other
I have listened to those who say they know
what is going to happen
what can happen
 what may happen
even what should happen

I have cried as I watch men run over by fire trucks
a man beaten to death in one instance
people burning
because someone got lucky and actually hit a human being with a burning bottle
blood pouring down the faces of people
who have done nothing
but stand up and ask for something better than what they have

I listened
to those who have caused this
the leader
his inner circle
praising him and themselves
for all the good they have done
I heard the not so well veiled threats yesterday and the day before
I have heard things I wish I hadn't
I even cheered when the battles broke out the night before last
and the people in the square were able to gain an inch or two
and push the thugs back
I have also seen
the amazing bravery and strength
 of these people who have stopped their lives
 to try so hard
to make a better one
for themselves
 their families
 their country

how many times have we watched
safe and sound in our own homes
as a nation  rises to the top
and cries out for something better
how many times do we watch brutality take hold
and beat them back

as I write this
there are hundreds of thousands of people
standing together in a square
in an ancient country that is on the brink of something
I don't know what

I have also seen that these people can look after themselves
and work together to form  a community that has sustained them for days now
I saw them cleaning up the mess and I saw them re-cycling the rubbish
re-cycling the rubbish
in the chaos
caring for one another when the violence hit
protecting each other as best they could
watch as they build themselves whatever it is they need
a wall to hold back the thugs
medical supplies neatly and tidily stored ready to use when the wounded come in
food brought to the square and rationed out
soldiers included in the hand out
when the stones started flying
individuals quietly and calmly collected stones on pieces of metal or towels
or in their shirts
helping one another carry the stones to the front
yesterday the photo of a man
with a cooking pot on his head tied with red ribbons around his chin
to protect himself from the concrete chunks

they have been reduced to collecting stones to defend themselves
they have been reduced to fashioning shields out of traffic signs
to hold up and fend off the flying bottles of gas
like  medieval knights defending the castle.

They are brave and strong and they deserve our attention and support
as do all the others who dream of days like this
the people in the square are fighting for their lives
and we should pay attention
 today of all the days

I will watch as they march towards their future
 I will hope with all my heart that they all make it through to tomorrow
and when the sun rises again over that ancient country
 that it looks down on an empty square


 because the people have gone home
to start a new life


I just saw a tweet from someone in the square that said

"If you are not in the Square don't feel bad, your heart is here.
 People we feel your hearts and prayers
 we feel you here. "


Anonymous said...

It makes me so mad to see things like this happening - all because those in power abuse the power that they have and for what - for their own greed and nothing else.

Bravo for all those around the world willing and brave enough to stand up for what they believe in and what they deserve and having the courage to fight against these greedy, cowardly politicians. The world is slowly crumbling away because of these greedy people in power - whether it be for basic human needs, environmental reasons, humanitarian reasons, religious reasons - one day the world will fail it's people and I fear it will be sooner rather than later.

conference call said...

Instead of them to combat things like poverty they are sending people to space, like if an asteroid hits earth we have a chance. they are just making this world miserable

Terrie said...

Seeing all that is going on in the East makes me thankful for how simple my life is. They truly are couragous.

Andi said...

I too have been watching from my home or listening to NPR's constant stream. I have had a run of emotions from sadness to elation at the human spirit and it's will to fight for what it believes in. The people in Egypt do indeed carry most of our hearts there with them. Hopefully they will receive the strength that we send as well, from the comforts of our democracy.