Wednesday, February 2, 2011

so many

people caught between
mother nature
man made

we can only look on
pay attention
and hope
with all our hearts
that everyone can find a place of safety

where ever they may be


elaine said...

It seems there is more every time you look at the news or online blogs. The snowdrifts over at kate's - - are at least halfway up her windows!! Makes me appreciate my little grey, wet, quiet corner of the world a lot more.
Hope you are ok where you are xxx

Ruth said...

I often think that if a visitor or person looked down upon the earth from way up high what would they actually think of our little blue planet upon seeing all that happens here? Not that I beleive in aliens, etc but you know what I mean. Maybe those astronauts way up on the MIR spacestation sometimes look down and think - thank goodness I'm up here away from it all and not down there! You just don't know do you - kind of makes you think?! ;)