Saturday, February 26, 2011

peace and serenity

good Morning all
how are you today?
Well, I hope
and enjoying your weekend

seems that all the hubbub in blog land is calming down
I ran into quite a few skirmishes last week
seems the
were out and about doing what they do so well
I very quickly clicked the "get me out of here" key
and left them to their gloomy selves


it was gloomy enough outside
not to want to spend time with silly people
who think they know it all
and don't like it when someone has an opinion different from theirs
let the sheep graze with their own kind
I say

 we had the winds until late last night

except for a few limbs blown off the trees
and all the chairs outside upside down and thrown around
we got off very easy

the power stayed on
but up north once again those poor people were/are without
so glad we don't have that power company

soon after my post yesterday
the sun came out and the whole day changed
the power of  sunlight is an amazing thing isn't it?
bright and shiny trumps dark and gloomy any day!!!!!!!!

it danced on the water and made diamonds
the only kind of diamonds I like
and the wind blew in all the debris
 but I didn't look at that!!!


the clouds broke up and started floating in big puffy groups
south of us
I can't imagine how windy it must have been up there
or how bumpy the planes rides were in all that turbulence

as the clouds drifted and moved, the light changed and it so very intense at times
I couldn't see what I was looking at and just clicked
leaving the camera to do its thing once again

I have told you how much I love my little camera
haven't I?
maybe a time or two


I truly don't know what I would do without it anymore
there are so many photos that I don't show
because if I did I think I'd break
and Flickr for that matter
but I can't delete them because I can still  see
whatever "it" was
that made me take it in the first place
I also have a whole group of "just one"
a shot that was, for me, perfect with just one click
and voila there is what I saw
of course there are all those that didn't work out
and have been deleted
and the blurry ones because in my enthusiasm I moved too fast
or had the macro on when I shouldn't have
or the bloody bird I'm trying to take
 flew away and all I'm left with is the blur of it's flight
to be truthful.....
when trying to capture the birds, that's the only time I wonder what a "real" camera would do
I see so many bird photos taken with lens's I know nothing about
other can get a bird shot
but really I know I wouldn't do a real camera justice
so I am very happy with what I have


I mean I couldn't look at this and not squint or cover my eyes
but it can
it can look straight into the sun and see the brilliant light up close
and just say
and then look up 
in a nano second
adjust and
capture the puffy white clouds way over there

yes, I love my little blue "eye"
be it up to the sky

or all the other places I shove it

 she does not......
mummy's angel baby is camera shy
and I really should respect that
yeah in her dreams



elaine said...

Ah, peace and serenity! Your photos certainly capture the essence of your landscape beautifully. I'm now quite happily thinking of blue skies, puffy white clouds and sunshine sparkling on the water - happy thoughts. Promises of spring around the corner...? Thank you for sharing your little corner of the world with us:)

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to keep my mantra calm and collected today - incredibly difficult when "Regal" bloggers think that yet again it's perfectly acceptable to stir the nasty spoon again out there in blogland...... and breathe Ruth.....breathe.....

Andi said...

Lovely and peaceful pictures M! I know when I need to breathe in some wonderful nature to stop on over to your place. About all the "nasty" makes me sad. Especially for our friend. Kisses to you!

Anonymous said...

I love your camera too, and the pictures it takes for us! Have you come across the 'continuous shoot' mode? I went on a beginners day course where it came up, though I haven't tried it myself yet. It looks like a good way of capturing birds in flight. This link mentions SLR cameras, but our ancient point and shoot Canon digital camera has the facility, so I don't think it is just SLR's that have it. Mia S

Mrs Twins said...

Your photos are just so special! Absolutely gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing with us.
Hugs Suex