Tuesday, February 8, 2011


when there was green outside


there was


and  butterflies


I do!!!!


Ruth said...

We don't get beautiful butterflies like that anymore in England - you're hard pushed these days to even see Red Admirals. I think it's the colder Winters and the long wet summers that don't suit butterflies anymore and they just seem to have faded into obscurity. I remember when I was younger in the summer holidays that you would see countless butterflies of all varieties. Nowadays, it just seems to be Cabbage Whites that are prevalent - well where I live anyway. Other parts of the UK may differ to myself.

Anonymous said...

Ah lovely. They'll soon be back. Cold frosty morning here, but definitely more warmth in the sun. Mia S

Anonymous said...

patience is a virtue
virtue is a grace
grace is a little girl
who wouldn't wash her face!!
(Jack's rendition)

Nilla said...

Oh, you really got me longing now! But at least I have shadows. The sun has showed it's face for some days now. :)