Monday, February 28, 2011

rainy days and mondays

always make me want to sleep


 after I was sure the storm had passed
 the rain was gently falling and the wind had died down
I decided I wanted some

oatmeal cookies with my afternoon tea!!!
yes I have afternoon tea
I have a cup of tea in the afternoon

I made some
do help yourself!!!!!


I tried to get some more shots of the birds this morning
as the sun shone down and the sky was blue
and fluffy little clouds blew by
there were three hawks sailing the wind right above me as I sat and drank my coffee
but they stayed right in front of the sun
and I couldn't take a thing
and then I noticed that there were no birds
even after the hawks had floated away
I think word has been sent out, that the lunatic with the camera is on the loose
and they don't want their picture taken anymore
they think 86 the first time
oh about
what was it
is quite enough for now
so I had to come back in
 it turned all nasty and black and blowy and wet anyway
but I'll get them the little...

I am very upset and cross with myself
because I was hoping to show you the wonderful new stitch I learnt
but I can't
I sat and continued with it and I thought I had made a really sweet
tie-like scarf thing
Friday and Saturday I chanted away
lift a stitch
knit a stitch
and it grew and grew
I put it down and did something
like go to bed
and when I got up yesterday
there was a dropped stitch
like a ladder in a stocking
right down the middle
unseen unworked and unnoticed
so I don't have a sweet blue tie to show you
and I'm mad
in more ways than one!!!

so I'm going to have to start all over again
and in the meantime I found something that has my fingers itching again
another stitch I want to do

it's on a pillow I saw a while ago and found again while sulk-surfing!!!
so I consolded myself with that

you can't see the stitch all scrunched up on the needle

so I did this as practice and it worked
oh, it's called honeycomb stitch and there are various ways of doing it
so I chose the
brioche way

hhmmmm, brioche
well, I have the cookies to keep me company

if there are any left of course

I hear a lot of crunching coming from the other room

better go and save a few!

and it's time to think about cooking




Ashraff said...

Loving the connection between food and knitting! Beautiful blue! Crunch, crunch....mmmm....

madhu said...

Oh oh that's my sweetheart Ashraff! I forgot to sign in as me!......:-)

Nilla said...

So sorry about the dropped stitch! That's the worst thing - you have to knit backwards all the way to save a dropped stitch... But that honeycomb is really a beauty!

Anonymous said...

Delicious looking cookies!! :)