Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the brass monkey called.....

they are officially frozen!!!


and mother goose is cold too!!

I have finished the
half linen stitch
that I don't remember starting

you get a bang for your buck with this one
let me tell you
one side is just as nice as the other

and I like it!!

I really... really... like it!!!


if I had known how extremely cold it is outside
even though I saw the temps this morning
19 degs

I would have worn it to the mail box

which had  this inside it

the latest issue

of a magazine I wonder why I subscribed to!!!

so many things I will never do
and so many things
already seen and done
by those on flickr and elsewhere

I know some of you will like these!!

these could be a
might be

and if I wore pinnies
I leave off the flowers!!!!
each to her own
as they say

and maybe mother goose could wear this
strangely shaped thing!!!!!

:] :] :]


eddunsmore said...

I had to chuckle at your comments.

elaine said...

What on earth is that last 'garment'? A kind of batwing /cape? or do your legs go through the bottom bit?! Okay. maybe not:)I sincerely hope not!

Funny, I don't buy as many magazines either as I see enough exciting projects on ravelry and blogs to keep me going for many lifetimes:))

Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

And mabruk on that gorgeous scarf. I really really love it too!! But not warm enough for our temperatures these days. I thought that was it for me yesterday after five minutes on the way to catch the bus. Minus22 C but with the horrendous wind, it was minus 30! Which, in F, is 28 below zero! YUK!!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

LOVE the color on that scarf! Looks so warm and snuggly. Perfect for our -25 morning yesterday. That mother nature...she's on my list these days...

Angie said...

Marilyn, I had to laugh because I also wonder why I ever subscribed to that magazine. The Halloween issue...seriously? A crocheted brain hat??
Again, love the scarf.