Thursday, February 17, 2011

I can't tell you

how perfect today was
weather wise

I communed with nature

also known as
who told me he is so happy to have it all to himself
not a bird or fellow squirrel to annoy and interrupt him
just me
snapping away
as he feasted
I know some of you don't like Sammie's
but I don't mind them
until they try to break into the attic and chew everything up
but they are only doing
what comes natural
enjoy little one
the others will come soon enough!

I decided to learn something today
so I went surfing and found what I wanted
proceeded to do that which I wanted
to learn
it is called
knitting a magic loop
and I did
will show you the reason for the
teacup shot
if you haven't already figured it out!!!!

and at the end of a peaceful
sunny breezy blue skied day
so warm we opened the windows and doors
and while I was sitting and knitting and learning
I put the fan on!!!!

and then this happened
a pink filled sky
to end the day
in such a beautiful
and wonderful way
 fare well all
see you on the other side....



Anonymous said...

Hello Marilyn. Glad you had such a good day! Love your new header, and the 'things your father told you'.
Love your knitting patterns and colours, your last arty fartsy picture, and especially love my daily visit to your little corner of Virginia!! Don't discard the knitting. It is too pretty. If you don't want it, perhaps you could sew it all together for a little cushion or blanket for Mummy's whiskery angel! Mia S

allertadele said...

That sky is just stunning, another lovely day today then, red sky at night as they say. Have a lovely weekend.

Nilla said...

I like Sammy too! When I was in Chicago, I just to talk to his cousins. :) Guess some Americans thought I was kind of weird... The swedish squirrels are even prettier, I think, but I rarely see them around where I live. Too few trees.

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

My grandpa used to have a friend like Sammy, named Shorty. Shorty would come to his porch door everyday and eat peanuts from his hand.

Beautiful sky. We saw that color yesterday morning and it ushered in lots of wind. No fan needed here.

Have a great weekend!

Clara said...

I looove squirrels and we name everyone that comes around here. It does get complicated and there are chipmunks too. One chipmunk is named Capone and of course, all the others have mobster names. What a beautiful sky photo!