Wednesday, February 23, 2011

this is just a post

I really have nothing people
no rants
no raves
no pictures of beautiful things
not going to discuss world affairs
and stupid nasty raving lunatic men
not going to

what then

I found these photos on the camera
and that's what you're going to get today


I will, right here and now,
say thank you for all the lovely comments you made about the
snow people
over on Flickr too
(I know some of you come here from thanks for that too)
the Missus has been invited into two groups
which is kind of neat 
and I will say I am not going into production
I have sated my need to have them and they will sit
on the shelf together where I can see them
and smile
maybe every now and then I will make a new 'at for them
but maybe not!!!

 I baked another cake the day before yesterday
which is why you see two broken eggs there

I wanted a Victoria Sponge
I looked for my recipe and couldn't find it and then remembered I had thrown all those oily greasy floury pieces of paper, that I called my recipe file, away
so I had to look it up on line
I found one
and I don't recommend it
but I will eat it
even though it isn't the best
but I didn't know that before I baked it
which is why

this goofy thing was done

I took photos of the washing up
aren't you just too too excited

I think my camera objected because there were more but they all turned out blurry and bad
and it also objected to having cake batter all over it
oh the trials and tribulations of being a photographer and a set designer

we woke up to a dusting of snow yesterday
and cold returned too
but the sun came out and it felt like Spring again by afternoon
I, on the other hand, was truly disappointed when the needles I ordered
didn't arrive in the mail
and I do so long to try them out
the old ones are just making me crazy
I undid or tried to undo
a big tangled mess o'yarn
was able to wind half of it before this happened and I gave up

yesterday was one of those days you wonder why you got up!

But I did make my self a really yummy dinner
as a reward for not biting anyone's head off or throwing them in the lake!!!
I made some fish, which I sauted, with green beans, corn
and rice.......
no I didn't take you a picture!!!!
I thought about it but the husband walked in and I felt really, really silly!
maybe next time, because this week I'm eating fish and steak
every night
no not together
with lots of veggies
the husband doesn't do real food the way I like it
so he's on his own
or he has to put in his order for whatever it is he feels like
but in time enough for me to know

I'm like that!!!

Something else I did yesterday was try to do a new stitch
 that Dear Sweet
has been trying to teach me
from her blog and an e-mail
long distance knitting lessons
ain't life grand!!!
Right before I started writing this
I was sat here
 ( as they say in the North of England and I love it)
  needles in hand trying to do what she shows

this sweet woman has two sick kids and she isn't feeling that great either
 but she
sent a photo with instructions
for me to follow
Nilla, I am trying as hard as my brain will let me to figure out what a
hank is
I will let you know if I do!!!
If you go to her blog and I hope you will
you will see her explanation of where this pattern comes from
"tack så mycket!"
I really appreciate the help

and that is all I have
I am trying not to think about the needles that didn't arrive
I hope they come today
I hope they aren't stuck in the snow somewhere along the line

so how's about a cup o'tea and a small slice of


and I will leave you with this

a sneek peek at what popped into the brain this morning at
5 am
when I awoke
and then I'll have to go and hunt down a video place where I can watch the end of
because I fell asleep while watching it last night
silly silly silly show
but I watch it!!!!

see you later
all you lovely people you



Nilla said...

Haha! You make me sound like some kind of hero. :) I'm just like that - CAN'T stop explaining if someone doesn't understand. I can send you more photos, videos, whatever! Just let me know. ;) A bit too far to pay you a visit to show you though... No, seriously, this pattern really is so easy when you know how to, so it bugs me that I can't explain it better. :) Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Easiest way to remember a cake mixture is this: if you use 6 oz butter, then it's 6 oz of sugar, 6 oz of egg and 6 oz of flour. If you use 8 oz butter then it's 8 oz of all the rest, if you use 4 oz butter it's 4 of all the rest, and so on. In a nutshell, whatever the weight of your butter, use the same for sugar, eggs and flour. That's how I make all my cakes cos that's how my nan taught me how to remember it. :)

elaine said...

Lovely post and lovely pics:) I love the idea of long distance learning. I had a friend from Hong Kong on Ravelry who wanted to knit one of Ysolda's complicated berets so we sat all day and night swapping e-mails and pics, knitting it together. Its a wonderful way to learn with likeminded people even if they are on the other side of the world!
Oh, and a hank of yarn is just another word for a skein of yarn. xxx

Nilla said...

Hmm... Maybe hank wasn't a good word to use?! In the "chant" for the technique I was sharing, it says hank in swedish too. We don't usually use that word as a knitting term, I guess it's an old word for some kind of loop. I looked it up when I was translating into english, and the dictionary claimed "to hank" meant to make a loop. If that is missleading maybe I would change it. It really means "yarn over" in this pattern.

mary tempesta said...

I loved reading the things your father told you on the right hand side!
You have a lovely blog Marilyn!