Sunday, February 6, 2011

problems on blogger

for the past few days I have been finding
rather dodgy site links on the stats
I am also noticing other "blogger" bloggers mentioning this
I went on the help page and found

it appears it is nothing WE have done,
just some techy hook up with who knows what latest gadget
and as no one but us sees it
no one is going to think you've
 come over all pervy
and stop visiting

I was rather miffed when I clicked on the link and found
myself somewhere I choose not to go
I hope Blogger changes it so we can block these links
I can't imagine having a kid beside me or using a computer and having to explain that !!!!
i am not a prude
I just don't want to see that
 I am never clicking on a link again!!!!!!
please figure it out and stop it

look at this monster

over on martha's crafts dept
 I saw this huge box
that one of the stylists had made for their
crafts room
wouldn't we all love to have one of those
the room I mean
ok and the box too!!
but I thought you yarnies out there might like to see this
and drool and swoon a while

and the others they made for themselves
this is a link you don't have to fear!!!!!!


elaine said...

Thanks for the links Marilyn. I have been getting dodgy links in my stats as well so although there isn't a fix as yet, it's good to know there isn't a direct link to my blog on those sites!!!!

Love the valentines yarn candy :)) I would love a large box of yarn just as much as the chocolate variety! xxx

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Marilyn, I don't know where the time goes, but I don't seem to get over here often enough. Loved your post about Egypt. Our Business Manager is Egyptian and she has a tv set up in her office now so she can keep up with what is happening since all of her family is there. Love your sampling of stiches. You are really doing great work. And your hearts are so sweet. I am gonna try to make some felt ones. My husband doesn't believe in Valentine's Day either -- just another day for companies to make money he says. I need to get school uniforms out of the dryer and then hit the hay fast. Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

Nilla said...

Maybe I should show my husband that heart... Would love to get that as a gift!