Monday, February 14, 2011

how to get yourself uninvited

it goes like this...

good morning birthday boy
light of my life
the one with whom I am one


open your mouth and insert foot
what would you like for dinner tonight
insert the other foot
you can have anything you want

wait for a couple of hours
and hear
how's about some bacon buns

(piragi, the Latvian ones I made at Christmas)
oh precious wife of mine
who said she would make anything I want...
because today is my birthday
which trumps V day

get car keys and go to the store to buy bacon

(it got so warm that the buns got really bloated and stuck to one another as they "rose"
so this batch really look like buns)

the only good thing is that I could open the door and enjoy the wind and the sun on the water and the bright blue sky
and the pretty white clouds floating by

while the buns were in the oven

go outside and play with the sun

and remind yourself that next year

you won't ask!!!!

will you?

did someone say bacon/



Kimbles said...

Ahh but bacon butties are scrummy - and you did ask!!!

Madhu said...

Oh my! Love buns like these. Just butter would do just fine! Slather and devour.....mmmmm.....