Friday, February 18, 2011

utter mayhem and chaos

here in

got into one of her moods and went completely hog wild over something
she had to have
and she had to have it
she's like that you know

you remember this from yesterday
a clue as to the madness that was brewing

she needed to learn how to knit in the round and found something called
the magic loop
so off she went on the
and found videos that explained and showed how to do this mysterious thing
and it wasn't as hard to do as she thought
so she did what she had to
and ended up with this
looked like Caspar the ghost
said the husband who just happened to be passing by the door of the
said she
it's a snow person

on the warmest day yet and at the beginning of a new season
she makes a "snowperson"

flash forward a few hours
and this started to take shape
then she remembered she had seen the
over on

so completely
overcome by
the madness
of the idea
the inspiration
and the
perfect example
she worked her little fingers to the bone
and this appeared from
her hands

when she came up for air
and went to get
in the form of a cheese sandwich and some apple juice
this is what she saw on her return

the chaos from inspiration

and this is who
after all the bits and pieces came together

sweet thing
with your Tunisian cape let
and tiny heart button

your fair isle hat

and for those of you who were
 in on the "bee lost in the ash from the volcano in Iceland"
thing last year
the smallest thing I ever made

now has a little friend to spend time with now

while the world is in turmoil
and blood flows in the streets again
as some twit of a politician said yesterday
it looks like Cairo
in Wisconsin
as he looked out on the sea of
teachers fighting him for their jobs
were democracy reigns in the minds of those who impose their stupid ideas on others
but don't listen to the people in the streets
and who knows what else

I spent time
laughing and giggling like a two year old
making a tiny little
because I couldn't live a minute longer without one
and her name

a tiny "sam"pler
of some of the things I have learnt lately
she hopes you have a good morning/ day/afternoon/evening/night
hopefully sanity will reign once more in the
and the desk will be returned to some semblance of order your dreams
ta ta for now
lovely readers of this ridiculousness
see you next time
I hope


Clara said...

Just the sweetest ever!

The Garden Bell said...

Too cute. Just like what i see out my window.

Pammy Sue said...

Great job, M! So cute!

Hooked On Yarn said...

Cute! Well done! I haven't tried the magic loop. I've just embarked on DPNs instead....

Nilla said...

That is the sweetest little snowgirl I ever saw! :) Lovely! Sometimes we need to escape reality and just have fun, right?! Hope you wake up to a lovely day! Here, the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Love it! And no, the kids aren't well yet, and neither am I... But soon, I hope!

Elizabeth Cat said...

Cutest ever little snow lady! She is so adorable and sweet! I think I'll have to start hooking with 5 needles, I want to have such little darling. I shall better say "I must have one!!!" said...

oooh she's absolutely to darling ! So well done Marilyn! now i want to make one of these cuties!! CoNgRaTs on Explore !