Monday, February 7, 2011


Had to take a little trip to the store I try very hard not to shop in
but it is the only place around here that has the cat litter liners
that fit the box!!!
and miss priss is very fussy about how her box is lined
as is her mum!!!

Well, one can't just go there, pick up the item and leave
can one?
No one can't.
I also remembered it is the only place that carries the hand cream I like and use
so I got some of that too.
the hubs took to wandering off and found some items he couldn't live without as well
so while I was strolling around looking for him
I found a little something I just had to have

a "quilt"
for the bed
in the
I picked it up
hugged it
 set off to find the husband before I bought all the things that go with it!!!
I hate matchy matchy
but I had to be strong with this!!!
and I was
except for the "quilt"

I have noticed in the past few days

that everything I look at

is a potential pattern

to be graphed and knitted!!!

a catalogue that came in the mail for eggs!
the mug I keep the hooks in and have seen and had for a very long time
and the paper I put in the jar that holds the needles
all turn into stitches
before my very eyes

I know you have probably all had quite enough of my latest obsession

(umm I can hear you!!!)

but it is funny how things can morph into
a design

look at this
see all the patterns and stitches there

xxx ooo
knit knit knit
purl purl purl

something else I noticed

I am a
one colour wonder

by that
I mean I choose the same colours

over and over again!!!!

this is why I had to bring the
home with me
it's in

this is not a true quilt
it's one piece with the quilt design printed on...
but it's good enough
I'm not as talented as


 who made a quilt with a thousand pieces in a day or two
OK three...
HUH Ruth!!! 

( I told you, I can hear you!!!)


 this is a tiny glimpse of what's on the needles

by Georgi
I think I've got it

stay safe y'all
it's tea time


T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Marilyn, I wish we had a Wally World around here. Tried using the litter liners in the past but they got so scratched up that everything just leaked out. :/ Your knitting really is taking off. The colors are gorgeous. There's a reason why we are drawn to the same colors over and over again. Love that quilt. Speaking of which, it is time for me to head to bed. Goodnite! Tammy

Ruth said...

You are too kind with your words - maybe I should count those pieces to see if you are accurate! It was more like a thousand swearwords with that bloody sewing machine lol!!!

Your quiltalookalike is actually really nice and I do like it a lot and those eggs look just like the Polish handpainted eggs that are given out at Easter time! I adore those a lot!! I shall write up my post nearer the time on Polish Easter traditions - possibly throw in a recipe too!

Anonymous said...

Those colours look lovely together. Mia S

Hooked On Yarn said... are well and truly obsessed! When everything turns into a pattern, you know you're more than just a little bit interested!

Nilla said...

Everywhere I look there are quilts... is this a message? Would love to make one, but don't have enough fun fabrics. Your knitting looks wonderful! Love to see what that is. And talking about knitting, it isn't a sock on my neddles, it's a mitten without a thumb so far. :)

Mrs Twins said...

What wonderful matching yarn!
OOh I don't blame you, why not?
Hugs Suex

eddunsmore said...

Lovely yarn colors, I do love your quilt. You can never go in to Wally World and not get just one item.