Monday, January 31, 2011

january gone

well, here we are on the last day of the first month of the
New Year
and what a month it has been
world wide
I mean
don't think anyone will be sorry to see this one leave

I just took some mail to the box
to find it is quite mild and dripping all over the place
but we are being warned about another storm making its way towards us
It is winter, it is winter, it is winter, it is winter

Well I took the first attempt off the needles
it isn't blocked or even stretched
I sort of ran out of what to do next
it got easier to maneuver the yarn as I went
learnt how to hold it with my left hand, so now I can kinda sorta
knit continental!!!!

does this happen to you
you find something new and it takes over your whole brain

everything you look at becomes a pattern
I am surrounded by lots of different things
from lots of different places
and they each have a pattern of sorts

so I now have to put them on paper
I have looked and looked at fair isle patterns and they aren't anything very complicated
and with two colours only
anything can become an outline
plus things I see that have nothing to do with knitting
suddenly inspire

is going back to her roots, so to speak
and she has a picture on her blog that makes me want to buy more yarn
in the colours of her work
and "paint" with yarn and pattern
but I cannot, because I don't have the wherewith all at the moment
I have vowed not to buy new until I have used at least half of what I have
but I don't have pastel colours and that is what I would need
so I sit and look and drool
thanks Elaine!!!!!

after I drew the pattens
I took up the needles
chose two colours
trying to be professional and using the colour wheel
and put the
"plum pudding" with the "gilded age"
yer yellows and yer purples!!!!
and I'll see how far I can get with this new obsession
I did learn very quickly to do the seed stitch on the edges
no "curly whirly" on this one!!!!

so along with all the household duties
and there seem to be many this
grey and yucky morn
I will be sitting and knitting
and cheering the revolutionaries along
and hoping all of you are well
at the start of another week



elaine said...

I really love how your pattern knitting is coming on. You do seem very accomplished already - and designing your own patterns! I frequently get sidetracked with new things and had to talk to myself sternly about not starting more intarsia knitting after I saw your lovely pattern ideas;)) I think I may still succumb as I feel an intarsia baby dress hovering somewhere in the wings for my niece (a band detail, not the whole thing, I hasten to add!!)
Which photo is it that is inspiring you, btw? I've been thinking of painting more fabrics and yarns in pastel shades - imagine intarsia with subtly painted yarns.... yum!

Hooked On Yarn said...

Oh, I am enjoying watching your progress!

lol, I know that feeling so well. Everything clicks all of a sudden and your brain starts creating things faster than your hands can go! Every thought returns somehow to the new passion :)

In fact, I found an old piece of knitting from my teens the other day - in two colours, no less. I remember working out that I could swap the colours in the middle of a row, stitch by stitch if I wanted. I sat there for hours making my own designs up.

Yarn mania is a well-known disease!

Nilla said...

Yes, I tend to get stuck at new ideas too... And just like you, I like making my own patterns right from the start! :) Think your knitting look fantastic! Much more even than mine. Looking forward to seeing more!