Friday, January 7, 2011

mini blog break

I just walked through the house
went outside to see how cold it was
( and it is)
that took all of a minute!!!
I decided 
a mini blog break is needed.
I will still be here
and I will still be checking in
but I need to get the old noggin cleared
and settled.
It's that time of the year
when there is nothing to shoot
and not much going on
so I won't bore you with
I want to clear the messes and I want to find something in the book
and the patterns I want to make are a bit complicated and need concentration
something I have none of these days
so I'll give it the old college try for a while.
We'll see how long it takes!!!
knowing me
it won't be long
I just wanted to tell you so you don't think
something happened.
Don't stop
coming by to visit
I can tell if you do!!!!
Thank you for all the comments and visits of late
and I'm sure you'll see me on
and on your comment pages.
Until the next time
take care
stay safe
be good!!



Anonymous said...

Enjoy your break. Hope a change will be as good as a rest, and look forward to seeing and reading how you get on and what you get up to! Book of the the week on Radio 4 this week is called 'The Winter of our Disconnect' and is all about a mother making the family manage without being on line all winter! It is very good!... .... and I couldn't let you go without showing this!... ... and even this! ... hope I'm not too late. Bye bye. Au Revoir. Take Care Mia X

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Marilyn, enjoy the break. Going back to school this past week really took it out of me and then on top of that, I am sick as a dog at the moment so haven't been able to come by and visit.

I just tried to browse through many of your last posts. Did someone mention that Inspiration was spelt wrong? I kept seeing it but thought maybe you did it on purpose, like it had meaning or something. I see you fixed it in your header though.

My stomach and head are off. I think I really need to head back to bed. Don't stay away too long.


Andi said...

Sometimes everyone needs to step away from the screen and just live. Good luck on your mini vaca from us. You will be missed. Can't wait to see all the beauties you come back with. :)

sophie...^5 said...

Waiting patiently...sometimes yes sometimes no...the nature of a rejuvenate and come back roaring!

Svana Valería said...

im having days like this ... so restless not sure what to do ,need something new but cant get my head around what it should be so im just not doing much these days ,feel like someone took all the air out of me .

a break is good enjoy it ,i still need to know youre ok so feel free send me litle pm's
love Svana

Valerie said...

everybody needs a break. real life or virtual. it is a necessity to be able to "re-fuel" and makes us human !
hope you enjoyed it, feel rested, focused and got the things you wanted done.
i don't read blogs everyday, i'm not online everyday and you know, no matter how long you stay off, i'll be there when you return xo