Monday, January 17, 2011

Manic monday

the title of this post has nothing to do with anything!!
It just sounded good!
I seem to have left the impression that I started four
all at the same time.
I haven't.
I just tried a few patterns from the book.

this is to show that it is so dark today
the night light is still on
and it stands by the kitchen door!!
so the colours are off
way off
but no amount of shifting lights and places

knitted bobbles
never made them before and I think I bobbled too much
they aren't supposed to look like some sort of nasty growth!!!

leaves.... in a colour I have never seen in leaves
unless they have been in a fire
but it worked...... so a maybe
:) :)

this is a perfect example of no light
the one below is closer to the actual colour
one you have seen
many many times
this stitch is called
half linen stitch
the top is the front
the bottom
the back

and this ladies and gentleman
is my first attempt at
two colour
it is supposed to be done in
which is done with a million bobbins wrapped in each colour
all hanging off the back and getting tangled
I did it, as was suggested it could be done,
in Fair isle
two threads carried across the row
tension is very important
and for the first attempt
it isn't soooooo bad

just bad enough to get frogged
sorry little birds
I'll have to catch you on the second try!!
I also think I will add a couple of extra stitches to the edges
it got very messy and uneven
so if at first you don't succeed
not to rip too much!!!


for those of you who don't knit or hook or sew
it all involves a lot of doing and ripping and re-doing
it isn't a sign of bad workmanship
well not always
it's just trying to be as close to perfect as you can get
some of us can get closer than others.. but not here or with this
and of course
practice makes

I saw the little diving ducks out there on the half frozen pond
and decided to go out into the
freezing cold and try to get a shot
I got one
a shot
they are Buffleheads
and they do not like humans
with or without  cameras
bad bad bad
but there anyway

this little gaggle flew over while I was out there freezing my toes off

and this is just colour where there is none
they are good for you


might be back later if I achieve the

here we go again

blue white knit knit knit white blue