Sunday, January 23, 2011

a post about nothing!!

It's Sunday
where does time go?
I had nothing to show you so I took a few
shots of what is around me
my little treasures that are here
because they weren't taken to the charity shop
or given away
thrown out.

I don't know if you heard that on Friday
one of the biggest round ups of
"the organisation
that doesn't exist"
(you know the goombas and the ones with the broken noses)
was done in New York and New Joisey
well, don't tell them
but they missed one!!!!!

:) :) :)

the one with the perfect smile
is dreaming of Skye
my sister went to Skye
 a friend went to Paris
and brought me the magnet!!!

the lady of shallot
on a lampshade
I have dreams of getting a boat
fru-fruing it up
going for a float on the lake
d'ja think the geese would mind!!!!??

this is a rubbing my nephew made me one year when he and the sister went to England
it is one of my most favorite things

It is even colder today than it was yesterday
but I am not complaining
not when others have it so much worse

I did a little travelling in blog land this morning and I think the
funk that was hovering over so many
has lifted a little
a feeling of being grateful and appreciative is taking hold
bloggers who were thinking of closing up shop and leaving
have had a change of heart and are going to continue
so it wasn't a depressing surf through the net today
it's getting better
and everyone is feeling it
well I hope they are

I have always been one of those annoying people who truly find the little things to be the ones that count.

Maybe it's because I have always loved little things
like a brass rubbing from a little boy who remembered
 I had asked him to do
if he could!