Tuesday, January 25, 2011

how not to do it!!!


I did it!

it's bad
for a first it isn't as bad as it could be
but it's still not good

I said I would show it
I am
showing it

I can see all the puckers and bumps and lumps
and a very obvious badly done join or carry
it isn't
and I'm not 100% sure how to do that
but I'll look it up and see if that helps
I haven't got a clue what to do with it
if anything

I think this is one of those things that you have to learn
as a child
at the knee of a professional
or a really nice neighbour

I did learn a couple of things

how to carry the yarn across the row
how to use the bobbins

how to swear
and have a hissy fit every 10 mins or so
as you look back over the row you just did and discover two mistakes
or threeeeeee

learning to take your time
it isn't a contest
well it is
against yourself
and it isn't a big deal
coz it's a practice piece

(I am very hard on myself and always think I should get it the first time
and having looked at the example in the book
I'm actually not that far off)


and when the hubs keeps asking
what's it going to be
learn to smile sweetly
not answer!!!!!

Now an explanation of what happened to this page yesterday
I decided it was time to change the
header photo
as you all know I am wont to do
I loaded a new one
and it came out tiny
I then went into the
and discovered that
has given us new fonts
as I am wont to do
I started playing
and got totally lost in all the
I never go to the help page or the blogger updates
so I had no idea there was a problem reported with the
header uploads
so I had to leave it as it was

I have now changed it back
and the header is working once again
thank you
I'll check in with you once in a while
but I may go back and change the
posting font again
I like the one
that looks like I
wrote it by hand

after I figure out how to block the block

see ya