Thursday, January 6, 2011

knitting book

First of all
let me be a bad craftsman
the light in this room is rubbish
so these are not the best

now that the excuses are over

ladies and gentlemen
THIS one I like!!!

this is pretty photo heavy...
but I wanted you to see.....

If you don't knit
don't want to learn
don't care
move on baby

coz this is for

of all kinds

and patterns

and colours



or not

something for the babes

and the Babes!!!

loops and holes

bobbles and braids

that corkscrew block  has the stitch I have been hunting down for a week or two
the mosaic or slipped stitch
and there it is

and then
there is this
:{   :]

I told you
something for everyone!!!!

If you can knit
even a little bit
you will get something from this book
it starts out with simple plain blocks
and works its way up to the above Creation!!!
I have looked through it at least once a day since it arrived
and I have tried a few of the patterns
it is well written
and is pretty clear and easy to follow
 I just have to decide how to use it and make something
if you knit and need a new book
this is a good one
I paid for this one
and was happy to do so!!!!!!

I meant to add this link
with a few more pictures
and even a pattern or two to practice on!!