Wednesday, January 26, 2011

frozen no more

First of all
Tammy ...... :)
the geese are NOT frozen in the ice

they "froze" in place when they saw me coming
they were very carefully strolling across the lake from one side to the other
when I decided to go out and try the zoom lens again
(it doesn't make a difference that I can see  ? )
If they had been frozen, I would have been out there with hammer and chisel
believe me

they stopped stock-still
and just stared at me
as they always do

the day before, the water was not frozen like this
it was the coldest day we have had
and the water was free of ice
but the night was even colder
and the lake froze completely
so they had nothing to do but stroll around

(I tried the video on the camera so you could see how very very careful they are with each step
so as not to fall on their bums and make a fool of themselves,
which happens!!
and also hear the noises they make
there is no zoom and the wind was all you could hear!!)

a little later there was a spot that melted and all the ducks
not the geese
waddled over to the water and had a bath
they do that you know
splash and dive and preen themselves
it was too dark by then to shoot them
and they would have flown away anyway
so you will have to imagine them
here ends the farm report!!

this was all the sun we saw yesterday
the storm that is causing all sorts of weather problems was beginning to cover us
and it was quite warm
well compared to the day before it was!!
with a sky as wintry as that
I took pictures of the blazing sun inside

the hubs has a thing for
gerbera daisies
and we got some to brighten up the inside
they really are this bright

I love the black centre
I feel I'm being watched

you lookin' at me?

the others are still going strong

and even thought they aren't as
as the daisies
they are still so pretty

I played around with some graph paper
and decided to see what I could come up with
the light here is dreadful
we are getting rain and ice and snow
 so there is no light whatsoever at the moment

 I guess today will be another winter day spent
with yarn and needles
and hopefully a brilliant idea
the ability
 to bring it

Hope your day is bright and cheerful
and if it isn't
it will be one day soon!!!