Wednesday, January 12, 2011

up close and personal...

I wrote a long post about the goings on here at the moment
and got myself all fired up and very very verbose
as is my way
and thank goodness
for you!!!
the cat came in and insisted that she needed to be fed
and fed
so I got up and fed her majesty
and while I was in the kitchen
I made myself a cup of tea
the lake is frozen in spots
and there are a lot of ducks and geese on it
all afternoon flocks of them have been flying in
and each time they do I grab the camera and
miss the whole flight in and landing on the ice
they are very loud and sound so mournful
I have lamented to the hubs on many an occasion
how I would love to catch them in flight
and he says
you will
one day
well people's
today was the day

I hurried outside while looking to put the camera on some sort of zoom lens
and found something called digital zoom and just clicked it

tea forgotten
no shoes or coat
off I flew
and saw the one we call
next door
he hissed a hello
and I told him not to be so rude
and walked down to the back

how he got there so fast I don't know
but there he is with his mate/friend/sibling
and the
Canada Geese too
then I heard the noise above
and there they were

over my head
and do they move fast
honking honking honking
egging each other on
supporting the group to make it down for the night
where they will be safe and able to rest
until they have to move on

the sun is setting
and it is so pretty

I love it at this time of day
with the sky mirrored in the water

Honker wanted to know what I was doing
so close and personal

and then he just ignored me
they are eating the grass and maybe some bugs in the leaf litter

this lot look a little lost and forlorn
and maybe their feet are cold
I know mine were

but I tried my best for you
to get a little closer
and show you
my little creatures on the lake
I am still fired up and so fed up with human behaviour
as always
my little sweet ones 
 make me smile and feel better
I'll put a few more up in another post
these took an age to load

so there you are

peace and community
even if for just a  little while