Saturday, January 22, 2011

shaky saturday.....and first contact


holy icy winds batman
is it cold today

the birds are sleeping late in their little nests
'coz I don't see one anywhere

my african violets are beginning to bloom again
and it's all the pink ones this time

but the other day when I walked into the grocery store
I was met by buckets and buckets of flowers at the front door
and who can resist
not me
so I have a little sunshine here in a vase
to brighten up the place

just a tease
it's almost done!!
Haven't worked on it very much lately but today just might be
the day

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a Flickr friend
known to most of us as
she finally pushed all the right buttons and set up a blog
and then
like all of us
panicked and couldn't figure out what to do next
so after asking for her 'phone number
I called her and
we got to talk
the first real contact with a
virtual friend!!!!
so, hopefully, any minute now,
we'll all be able to go and make our first visit
and welcome her to
blog land.
 we'll have yet another place to go
when we blog hop

(edited to add link when I had it!!!)

well, I'm off to start the day
I think that's the cat
stomping around trying to get my attention
how can a 10lb cat make so much noise?!!
yes, yes, I'm coming!!!!

see ya!