Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So nice

to open up this morning
and find you there
welcoming words
sweet thoughts!!

(this is just an image... I am out of new things to show!!)

I know I didn't stay away for very long
and that's
I asked myself

why are you cutting yourself off from something you enjoy
and has nothing to do with having the
winter doldrums

self couldn't answer

I logged on
and here I am


I''ll be back with something
but just wanted to say hello
thanks so much
let you know I saw the comments
and I'm happy!!!

hope you feel good too!

now how's about another cup o'joe




Anonymous said...

I've just caught up on both of your posts - nice to see you back! The snow image looked like a bird in flight to me - perhaps an owl?!

Content in a Cottage said...

Hello back. My second cup of coffee was even better than the first. Sipping slowly so I won't have to go outside and shovel snow.

Nilla said...

It doesn't matter to me if you have something new to show off. I enjoy your words too, you know.

Mrs Twins said...

Hello Marilyn,
I love this cute little heart, so delightful.
Keep warm, lots of rain here, but we are lucky.....compared to Australia.
Love Suex

elaine said...

Glad to see you back again so quickly! I do love to pop in every day to see what you are up to :)) Something about taking a blogging break can make us re-evaluate just why we blog and make. Part of my reasonning was that I was experimenting more and having less to show but I forget that the process is just as valid to talk about as well, especially if we are process people that like to play more and complete less!! SOmehow I don;t think my blog break will be for long either! Glad you are back! xxx

MDScaper said...

You know that I missed your posts! Once the biking season starts up again I will post more frequently.

Anonymous said...

Didn't realise the picture was a footprint to start with. I thought you had dived into the snow and made a snow angel! Mia Xx

Clara said...

So lovely.