Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Ruth Marie
asked me my opinion of the book I showed in the last post
as I said I was a little
disappointed in it
I saw the front cover and thought it would be more
than it is
This is MY opinion
and I have absolutely no reason to tell anyone
to buy it
but for me
or however you spell it
:) :) :)
All the designers may be masters of their craft
but I don't like any of the projects
I will never do this
and you can't make me!!

hair pin lace
wrap around
goes so well with what she's wearing don't you think?!!

looks like the '60's and '70's are coming back
I don't want them to if we have to look like this!

there was this bead crochet

but they chose to offer this
crystals and a pink jumper 
seems she forgot her other sleeve
or ran out of yarn
and just tied it all together

 this is so '50's
it's for bullion stitch
and it looks like
so beyond vintage
it's out

Irish lace
never can go wrong with this and I'll read through it
maybe learn something

this is the only thing that has my attention
it is done with 6 strand embroidery floss
of which I have none
it's overlay crochet.

I LOVE the knitting book I got
just so you don't think I'm a
gloomy gus who hates everything

Your taste is different from mine
so you may love the book
I know I can probably learn something from it
there is Bruges Lace
and wire crochet
and a few other things
if you lived closer I'd let you borrow it
really I would
I showed it to the hubs and he just looked at it
no expression
when pushed
he said
it's not you!!!
so I consider this the free one
because I wouldn't buy it if I had been able to see inside
and I did try
I wish I could be more enthusiastic about it
and as I said you may love it

don't know!

does this make me look fat
you know a chunky cabled wrap around sweater