Sunday, January 16, 2011

so here we go...

The start to a whole brand new week
yes I know it's Sunday
but I like to start over on Sunday's
because I don't like Sunday's
never have probably never will!!!
After I posted yesterday
i got up and literally
made my bed.
clean sheets
pillows plumped and fluffed to within an inch of their lives
then I made eggs and ham
and at some point pulled out a kitchen chair and found a box of bulbs
that I had bought a couple of weeks ago and forgotten about
how they got on the chair
we won't try to figure that out!!!

inside the box were three bulbs,
growing in the dark

they want to live

so I potted them

(and there they are
in the sunshine this morning
how sweet and how full of life they are.

I sat down in the living room and took up the needles once again
and tried three patterns that caught my eye
(photos later)
then I tried another stitch I had seen somewhere and remembered how to do
and did that too!!
nothing like coming back with a roar
so four different patterns on the needles
a stupid
"destroy the planet" crap movie on TV
she's back
:) :) :)

today for lunch I made some ham and cheese and tomatoes
 on bread filled with seeds and nuts
visited a few blogs and Flickr
things are vewy vewy quiet
around those parts

started dinner
and made a cup of tea
which was left again because when I went outside to get a breath of air

this is what was over me

circling over head

drifting in circles
round and round
from the front to the back

silent hunters
in the sky
hope their prey
looks not like

see ya!!!!