Tuesday, January 18, 2011

tinkling tuesday

no we are not in the bathroom
I mean the sound of the ice outside
a thin covering on everything
no photos though
it's very very icy
and I'm not too swift on my feet when it's dry
so not going to risk falling on my
sit upon

I got up very very early this morning
5.15 am
to be precise
that's what happens when you conk out on the sofa at
9.30ish the night before
this knitting thing hypnotises me and I nodded off
:) :) :)

so I went on a blog hop
and boy can you run the gamut of emotions
reading the blogs
all in the scope of a few minutes
you can be laughing your face off
crying and getting tears in your coffee
getting miffed at who knows what or why
(don't remember)
and then there are the babies
or the little ones that share their mummies spaces
little ones coming out of some horrible operation
or a boo boo from falling down stairs
the kids are OK but the mums aren't
someone who writes about a divorce
parents ill or dying
kids doing things that make ones heart big and full
I tell you
it's a journey I don't take everyday
but today I did
and it's really something this peeking into each others lives
the sharing and the caring
sooo 21st century

then I decided to have a go at the knitting
changed needles to metal ones and a size smaller
bamboo needles don't have very pointy ends so it makes it hard to pick up stitches that are a little tight
because you are so very very conscience of tension
even sticking the tongue out doesn't help

made some bobbins by wrapping yarn around my fingers
got it all caught up in my rings
remove rings

tell your self off for not having bought the bobbins you saw the last time you were in the
useless craft store
they cost a total of


worth it when the trip to an ER or the shrink
would cost so much more
 as you cut cardboard into bobbins
and nearly cut a finger off!!!
I didn't
but I could have!!

wrap said bobbins with yarn

find something to use as stitch markers

coz you don't have any of those either
and if you are going to add stitches
you have to know where the pattern starts and ends
so you don't "shift" the stitches
constantly and always

find a post it note to follow the pattern
do not write things on it
as things get complicated trying to figure out what means what
and when it meant that

get everything ready

tidy the area you plan on working in

sweep the floors

make another cup of coffee

feed the cat

listen to the hubs tell you something and just nod

decide what's for dinner

and if you want lunch now or later

futz about as long as you can
tell the hubs to eat the cake
 that's what its' there for


write a blog post
because you know you will be in no condition to
after the fact
starting over
for the
third time
it's this time
or its
I'm going in

I'll see you when it's done

maybe this time next week should do it!!!!!!!!
be good and don't do anything I wouldn't