Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm bored!!!

On the fourth day of the
New Year
I feel very restless
I want to clear the house
throw it all outside
hose it off
spruce it up
paint it
cover it
re-cover it
re-stuff it
un-stuff it
change it all around
and put it all back
in different places
I want to turn our bedroom into the living room
I want to clear all
and I mean all
the junk
out of
buy a new bed
cover it in quilts and down pillows
get a bigger desk
buy more storage
to put it all back
in an organised
sensible manner
 when I want something
need something
I don't have to go through
umpteen boxes or bags
looking for it
I want turquoise paint on the walls
and off white furniture and trim
I want pretty curtains at the window
a fabulous squishy carpet on the floor
with an old hooked rug on top
a comfortable chair
that has pretty cushions on it
a little table next to it
big enough to put a couple of books and a cup of coffee or tea
I want to house all my little bits and bobs on shelves
and make it look like a designer came and did it
but they made it look like I had done it
almost like the make-up artists who spend hours
making you up to look like you aren't wearing anything
I want the living room re-arranged
to be cosier
another chair to sit crossed-legged in
wide enough to hook or knit
without the needles getting hung up
a coffee table that isn't covered with yarn and books and cups
more surfaces to put stuff on!!
re-painted and re-furnished
a new kitchen
with cabinets that look old but aren't
a new table and chairs
more counter space
all new dishes and bits
more storage
a lot more storage
new bed linens
lots of fluffy white towels for the bathroom
another bathroom
all white
and new
wood floors throughout the house
covered in yummy carpets
and a cat that won't pee on them
I want to keep the cat
always and forever
even when she pees on the freshly laundered rug
I'm a realist
and not one of these things will be done
except one or two tiny things like
cleaning the
putting it all back where it fits or belongs
I have NO pictures to show
there is nothing to shoot
it's cold and grey outside
it feels cold inside
because I am sitting here
for no reason

Are you?
and if yes
what do you do to get out of feeling like that??
See ya!!